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How to use disreputable in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word disreputable? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
I see any business or charity that needs to use unsolicited bulk emails as a means of marketing itself, tends to be a disreputable organisation.
The other is a chronic underachiever, undependable, disreputable, a thoroughly wild child.
One day, his disreputable and drunken manservant appeared at table in a yellow coat.
He worked in the most disreputable realms of the already dubious area of Hollywood low-budget filmmaking.
This allows disreputable drivers to monopolize taxi stands, canceling out chances of customers finding a decent cab to travel home in.
Like a disreputable character who wins a libel action on a technicality, he should be given a ha'p'orth of damages, if any.
In olden days, crooks used to shave or clip the edges of coins and then sell the shavings to a disreputable goldsmith or silversmith.
Before then, there was something faintly disreputable about really big fortunes.
If she went in the back, she might come across some of the more disreputable characters that would turn her act into a reality.
The problem is severest for women, who in Colombia are held in contempt or deemed disreputable for working at all.
The empirical method was inextricably confused with the disreputable practice of alchemy.
He said it was worth considering licensing private military companies to encourage reputable ones and eliminate disreputable operators.
The American people have stubbornly refused to fall in with the idea that religion is a disreputable anachronism.
When you purchase a pottle take care, disreputable vendors often stuff the bottom with paper or overripe berries.
I am pretty sure I'm a drink-soaked popinjay myself, and formerly many things of a disreputable nature.
The council and the police are trying to get rid of disreputable doormen, and this needs to be done.
Medals can denote honorable deeds as well as ones that are questionable or disreputable.
The other is a lurid science fiction tale, made up by the woman's demon lover during assignations in rundown, disreputable places.
She played the disreputable vamp who wore flashy clothes and repeatedly raised her skirt as if to advertise her availability.
Lane, a somewhat disreputable character, did not turn up to defend himself, and was excommunicated.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Thieves and disreputable characters of all sorts flocked to this concourse.
The speaker's appearance was disreputable, and his manner morose, sullen, and unconciliatory.
I felt so shabby and disreputable that I was tempted to turn tail and escape.
He drove them to the Kowloon ferry, but suggested that they take a walla-walla in view of their disreputable appearance.
Hard wear and weather had softened his gray hat into a disreputable slouch affair.
They were all dead tired, and all very untidy, not to say disreputable in appearance.
Am I so utterly disreputable that you find it necessary to frown on me so darkly?
Its latter days were dreary, down-at-heel, and disreputable enough.
The plug hats were battered, the swallow-tails were fluttering rags, mud added no grace, the general effect was unpleasant and even disreputable.
You have to visit your disreputable cousin on the sly, have you?
I mean the mounted and disreputable portion, not the decent infantry.
The inn was full of disreputable looking people, who seemed as if they were on the point of commencing some nightly expedition.
Beside the couch was a wooden chair, and on the angle of the back hung a very seedy and disreputable hard-felt hat, much the worse for wear, and cracked in several places.
He himself selected from among those with the least disreputable look, two guards whom he had formerly known, and whose only faults were being drunkards and gamblers.
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