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How to use destination in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word destination? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
It is an ideal destination for adventurers with an interest in history and music.
Finally, after what seemed like aeons, they reached what Lia presumed was their destination.
Recent reports suggest larger than normal numbers of waxwings have headed to the UK this year, but Wiltshire has never been a prime destination.
It was actually a waterspout, but I had never seen one before and wasn't too concerned about this destination.
He has no right to appeal against deportation but under a legal loophole can appeal against the destination.
At a mere 37 miles from top to toe, it makes an ideal destination for the moderately adventurous traveller.
This is similar to the recent evolution of online advertising from destination web sites and branded banners to pay for click pricing.
After we had been under weigh for some 20 minutes, we should have reached our destination in just that time.
Whatever the eventual afterworld destination of the people involved, one imagines that they are keenly alive to their own survival.
On a visit to Xiangyang market, a popular tourist destination, I paid three jiao to use the convenience, only to find no doors.
The pitch is further queered by the weakness of the US dollar, which makes Ireland a far more expensive travel destination for Americans.
He had a sure destination now, after for so long of aimless wanderings he knew where to go.
He swipes a bar-code wand across the waybill, a document that shows the contents and destination of the shipment.
The pressure to reach a destination on time has serious consequences for our driving safety.
We rounded a curve just past a grove of fruit laden olive trees and our destination suddenly came into view.
You'll need to get your rest, and since Kent isn't exactly a top tourist destination, you should be able to find something reasonable.
But in spite of the failing health and instructions from the doctors, some police personnel whisked him away to some unknown destination.
Particular thanks to the two police in Windhoek who went out of their way to make sure that we got to our destination safely.
The passageway was very long, and it was quite a walk before they would reach their destination.
It took 12 wagons to transport one of the immense guns and 24 hours to put it together once its destination was reached.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He landed in Jersey City in ample time to catch the accommodation train which stopped at all points north of its destination.
I reached my destination without risk or adventure, but had the opportunity of seeing some new phases of Africanism on my arrival.
City grit cut at my ankles from the air blast before I could hop into the bubble and give him my destination.
The argan trees become more rare, and within sight of our destination we see the last of them.
Crowds streamed by afoot, asaddle and awheel, all bound for a common destination.
When the vessel reached its destination the Italian bellfounder was found to be a corpse!
In a few more minutes le bourdon stopped, near the place of his destination.
For Bridgewater is my destination, and but that ye detained me I'd have been on my way thither now.
The bagne at Toulon, the destination of the members of the chaine, was respectably peopled when I visited it some years ago.
He reached his destination without remark, and found it congenially dreary.
Their destination was a large table plain, contiguous to that on which we had encamped.
The letter, hastening to its destination, had contained the stolen money.
In New York City, it is all about location and the world-renowned Park Avenue is a destination and major draw for buyers.
Our destination is Tara, in the star system of Alpha Centauri.
Our destination, Thuvia said, was a distant storeroom where arms and ammunition in plenty might be found.
Long off-limits to American businesses and tourists, Cuba is now beginning to reemerge as a desirable destination for both.
Baggage fee waiving is for military personnel travelling for business of pleasure in uniform or civilian clothing to any WestJet destination.
An invariably favorable wind had accelerated the progress of the Resolute toward the place of her destination.
The Kicker is part of the Above Average network, the premier online destination for original comedic videos and digital arm of Broadway Video.
The Isle of Wight is the perfect holiday destination for walkers with 500 miles of footpaths.
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