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How to use descent in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word descent? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Feminists now challenge patriarchy by tracing their descent through the female rather than the male line.
After Pearl Harbor, the vitriol against people of Japanese descent is represented in propaganda posters urging national unity through xenophobia.
The latter parodically re-enacts Christ's incarnation and descent to earth.
Indeed, common place of origin is often connected with genos, one's origins by common descent and parentage.
Shocking though it is to hear of locals spitting into the gutter, the descent into howling barbarism is being quite successfully checked.
This occurs when you try to add power while in a near-vertical descent from a hover.
One Thai made the dangerous descent down into the flooded beach village and returned with rice and other nourishment for frightened tourists.
Certain textual lines of descent are clear, between Homer, Apuleius, and Shakespeare, for example.
Even the bust radio and lost radar bleeps sinking in the fluid can't pull it from its descent into something wetter than electronics.
The descent down into the gully seemed like the hard section was in the beginning with some scrambling down boulders.
This is the story of a young Scot of Pakistani descent and a young white woman of Irish descent.
Huygens' ground track marches inexorably to the east, though the descent is now getting much steeper.
He's squatting on his haunches, scooting along and slowing his descent by holding to the plants.
Also known as the Meithei, the Manipuri are of Mongolian descent and speak a language called Meithei.
This machine lived up to expectation with great climb and descent rates coupled with a low fuel burn.
In 909 a leader claiming descent from Isma il proclaims himself the Mahdi and creates a state in North Africa.
On their descent they were hit by a huge avalanche of massive rocks of snow.
Austere and absorbing, Escape is a convincing descent into a maelstrom of anguish and, ultimately, deadly despair.
His career began a downhill descent by showing up late for work, and when he did show, he arrived with a bad attitude.
Tiny vivid goldcrests flurried about thistles, the cool descended, and I took the direct descent to the valley floor.
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