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Instead, the flow was smooth in places, then abrupt, depending on what was most effective for that part of the show.
The repair procedures differ depending on whether it is an older wall with lath and plaster, or a newer wall using gypsum wallboard.
The jacales were made in a variety of sizes and styles, depending on the method preferred by the workers.
Known as the “middle passage,” this sea voyage could range from one to six months, depending on the weather.
New product acceptance is a process that takes anywhere from several months to many years, depending on the complexity of the necessary approval.
This overestimation affects the average behavior of the system, and depending on the model can even yield qualitatively wrong results.
Then, depending on how urgent I think it is to get it, sometimes I have to go back home and drop it off.
Will the discursive spaces within the left be divided into radical, semi-radical, not-so radical, etc. depending on abnegation of one's own particularism?
But then again, depending on a range of factors, blah blah blah, it might have been a breach after all.
Thermoplastic tips have generally shown good resistance to abrasion and corrosion, but may vary in wear life depending on the specific material used to mold the tips.
In fact, depending on how many tourist class passengers drop out, the business class passengers might end up paying more.
Superpositioning allows the quantum computer to simultaneously store multiple bit patterns, or states, depending on the number of particles in the system.
Blocks change their color depending on the biome they are in.
Develop risk mitigation, incident response and business continuity plans, and test these procedures quarterly to annually, depending on best practices.
Women have learned to operate with a baseline level of fear, one that dips or peaks depending on our surroundings.
Using standard methods, the cost of printing DNA could run upwards of a billion dollars or more, depending on the strand.
Estimates of vocabulary size range from as high as 200 thousand to as low as 10 thousand, depending on the definition used.
Estimates of the Queen's wealth vary, depending on whether assets owned by her personally or held in trust for the nation are included.
Therefore, depending on the geological characteristics of the formation, specific technologies such as hydraulic fracturing are required.
A postposition can thus merge into the stem of a head noun, developing various forms depending on the phonological shape of the stem.
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