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The deleterious effect is that there can be no public scrutiny and comment on the conduct of the police investigation.
I think, to that degree, it may have had a deleterious effect upon the medium since then.
Actions taken because of the fear of this older future are already having deleterious effects for lots of older people.
And finally, it examines the deleterious effect that this might have on the performer and the people around them.
Some deleterious effects ascribed to lead may include contributions from other metals.
The virus causes about 1 million deaths a year due to its deleterious effects on the liver.
The resulting instability often has deleterious effects on the children of the relationship.
There have been some deleterious side effects of cryotherapy previously documented.
This is because inbred individuals are more likely to express deleterious alleles as homozygotes than are outbreds.
However, some of those compounds such as capsaicin and some cyanogenic glycosides, have no apparent deleterious or deterrent effect on birds.
Similarly, inbreeding decreases the effective size of selection but unmasks deleterious alleles in homozygotes.
We are importing ideas and concepts, embodied in media such as television programmes and music that are potentially deleterious to our society.
Any move is likely to have a deleterious effect on their health and will certainly adversely affect the quality of their life.
This reduction in splanchnic blood flow is potentially deleterious in septic shock.
A healthy person can consume a large quantity of water without any deleterious effect.
The culture supernatants, though produced cytopathic effect in various tissue cultures, failed to have any deleterious effect on the worms.
The world situation has had deleterious effects on a couple of international film festivals this week.
Third, reduced pollen and seed fertility may both indirectly result from this deleterious effect.
The dominance of deleterious mutations thus represents an important parameter in evolutionary biology.
The computer keeps track of each mutation's position and deleterious effect on a single haploid chromosome for each individual.
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Examples from Classical Literature
How would you treat the dermatitis due to other deleterious substances of this class?
The vapour was very deleterious to those having any tendency to pulmonic affections.
War is unlikely to begin in India, and the climate is deleterious in the summer months.
If I had not concealed a coil spring in my plug hat, the blow would have been deleterious to me.
Hence, although the employment of lead as a siccative is not desirable, its effects are not so deleterious as might be imagined.
But it is also true that some of the most deleterious books we have are romances.
Or might it suffice him that every wholesome growth should be converted into something deleterious and malignant at his touch?
The study found that almost 15 percent of triple-negative breast cancer patients had deleterious mutations in predisposition genes.
The Captain continued that deleterious amusement of smoking, long after the inn and the street were gone to bed.
The vapor of charcoal in a close room is so deleterious as to cause death.
I hope the bill will pass without any deleterious amendments.
Moreover, slavish imitation in any art has a deleterious influence.
Such temperature conditions contribute to heat stress incidence whose effects may be deleterious if precautious measures are not undertaken.
During the last twelve hours the atmosphere of the projectile had become charged with this deleterious gas.
If this had happened in the days when he ranged the Great White Way, sucking up deleterious moisture like a cloud, it would have been intelligible.
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