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Huge oaks, cedars and wisteria grace the 1,300 acre stretch of rambling greens known as Deer Park.
Deer parks and markets were established, and the horse collar and heavy plough, previously unknown in Gaelic Ulster, were introduced.
Lame Deer, for example, made clear that adopting the role of the berdache among the Teton Dakota was not always an exercise in free choice.
So Deer Valley is catering to the rich and famous, who actually do buy this year's latest and greatest skis and skiwear.
Woodrat teeth from Deer Park B have the typical occlusal pattern found in other Blancan populations.
North Deer is recognized worldwide as having an outstanding concentration of colonial nesting birds, including skimmers, gulls and terns.
Blacktail Deer Creek is a third-order montane stream with a narrow, well-defined riparian area bounded by sagebrush and open forest uplands.
The Gaelic notes in the Book of Deer were penned by a scribe whose native language was Irish.
Deer are herbivores and sika are no exception, munching just about any kind of vegetation.
It was deserted and I didn't see a soul, but I did stumble across a bunch of Red Deer in a meadow.
Deer love to play by the sides of the roads, waiting and lurking for the unsuspecting car to travel by.
Deer with white rumps bounced over the road and bobbed up one flank and into conifers.
Deer travel in small bands consisting of mothers, their grown daughters and fawns.
The first playoff game saw a rematch of their last round-robin game against the Brokenhead team from Red Deer.
Red Deer Press did well, with five awards all told, but even this didn't match their 1999 performance.
Deer remove the whole flower or the full complement of follicles plus the receptacle, leaving only the cut pedicel.
Deer cropped the springy turf beside us, so close we could hear every snuffle and chomp.
We stood on a cliff at the southern tip of Deer Island, staring down at the rips, eddies, and whirlpools tearing through the water below.
The Old Montana Prison can be reached by taking Deer Lodge exit 187 off Interstate go and following the road to the east edge of town.
Deer mice and jumping mice were frequently found at both Blacktail and Crystal.
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