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Many gadoid species, such as cod, haddock, silver hake, sand dabs, and witch flounder breed on Stellwagen Bank, but not over deeper Gulf waters.
Dawn soaked a cotton ball with adhesive remover and then applied it with gentle dabs to Nikolas' jaw.
Lee bounds to the crease like jello on springs, Collingwood dabs him down and England take another kamikaze run.
I'm talking flat fish, Lemon sole, Dover sole, plaice, dabs, witch, turbot, halibut, brill and skate.
The most common are dragonets, topknots, dabs, plaice and, if you're lucky, the occasional anglerfish and thornback ray.
We sold everything from Quality Street and Black Magic to sherbet dabs, lolly pops and liquorice.
Before doing anything else, she dabs Halle's T-zone with loose powder, using a large powder puff to pick up excess moisture.
Perhaps eyes painted without black pupils seem ghostly but the painterly dabs of umber tones definitely bring this woman back to earth.
One side of the painting is covered with energetic dabs of white and black over soft blue oblongs on a yellow ochre background.
In one work, thick dabs of red, yellow, blue, white and yellow-green oil paint applied with a palette knife cover the 10-foot-wide canvas.
Before doing anything else, she dabs her T-zone with loose powder, using a large powder puff to pick up excess moisture.
The surfaces of his pictures are speckled with dabs of oil pigment almost reminiscent of a tapestry in its pattern and texture.
They came breaded and deep fried, along with a sound celeriac remoulade, cold battered onion rings, salad and dabs of tartare sauce.
Angela does a few quick swipes and dabs at her own face, puts on something amazing, and throws her hair up.
Even in the foregrounds, the brushstrokes are a web of quick flickering dabs, layered, but not blended or otherwise heavily worked.
The dabs are used to identify pupils in computerised class registers or library systems.
If all the dabs were already on record, this could help reduce future police paperwork.
I would presume that if they found my dabs at the scene of a crime they could match them with the details they acquired at immigration.
Their main food supplies are dabs, whiting and gurnards, all fish that are easily outrun and caught by chasing tope.
It took a big chunk out of the morning but even so the third bedroom got its final dabs of paint and was declared finished well before the close of day.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Look at the grease on your frock yet with the dint of the dabs you put in your pocket!
I have exhibited to her my dabs of bread through all the processes of making and baking.
There are three dabs of soot on your face and your hair is all over the place.
Rummages on the toilet-table, and dabs at her hair with a brush in the interval.
Leslie sat on the floor with the baby in her lap, making ecstatic dabs at his fat little hands as he fluttered them in the air.
Everyone of us dabs his brush into the romantic sauce now and then.
See how he dabs his great hand in the dish and hands forth the gobbets.
Plaice, dabs, and flounders, may be dressed in the same way.
Chadband, at last seeing his opportunity, makes his accustomed signal and rises with a smoking head, which he dabs with his pocket-handkerchief.
And Fan looked up with wet eyes, and a wistful face at Polly, who was putting little dabs of cologne all over her head.
By and by, when we had dined in a sumptuous manner off boiled dabs, melted butter, and potatoes, with a chop for me, a hairy man with a very good-natured face came home.
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