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The double-crested cormorant is a black bird with a long neck, long bill, hooked on the end, and long tail.
In addition to the Magpie-larks, currawongs, and magpies, I saw a Little Pied Cormorant diving for fish.
The river is where much of Southeast Asia comes alive, so expect to see children frolicking, men cormorant fishing and women washing and cooking in the shallows.
Among the native birds, the whidah, weaverbirds, pigeon, sunbird, cuckoo, swift, heron, stork, pelican, and cormorant are some, which you would come across.
There are or have been several great blue heron, cormorant, puffin, black guillemot, razorbill, and storm petrel breeding colonies on the islands.
Although it is widely regarded as a coastal and sea bird, the cormorant can now be found in ever-increasing numbers at lakes and gravel pits in Britain.
Seeing the eerie slicks and eddies of the water racing through at seven knots while a lonely cormorant beats its way up the sound is almost sinisterly memorable.
Cormorant comes via the Old French cormaran from medieval Latin corvus marinus, sea-raven.
The Florida Cormorant is especially addicted to this practice, and dives and plumes itself several times in the day.
The cormorant served as the hood ornament for the Packard automobile brand.
However, in southern Africa eggs and chicks of the Cape cormorant are an important food source for great white pelicans.
Ruffe became the principal food item for the three main fish predators found in the area, the great cormorant, grey heron and northern pike.
Kuwaiti islands are important breeding areas for four species of tern and the socotra cormorant.
Boars in the former area will also feed on cormorant and heron chicks, bivalved molluscs, trapped muskrats and mice.
Some cormorant species have been found, using depth gauges, to dive to depths of as much as 45 metres.
A detailed study of the great cormorant concludes that it is without doubt to dry the plumage.
The symbolic liver bird of Liverpool is commonly thought to be a cross between an eagle and a cormorant.
In 1853, a woman wearing a dress made of cormorant feathers was found on San Nicolas Island, off the southern coast of California.
The wood duck was joined by Mallard and American Black Duck, as well as the usual Great Egret, Double-crested Cormorant, Canada Goose, and Mute Swan.
The details of the evolution of the cormorant are mostly unknown.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was a horrible, a brutal business, a thing he had not foreseen on board the cormorant.
Consider, Fixlein knew that the Rittmeister was a cormorant towards the poor, as he was a squanderer towards the rich.
Loki was a pet cormorant, and Yaspard had taught him to seek food for himself in the voe.
In another part of that fleet, not far distant, floated the cormorant.
At one place on the coast of Japan there is cormorant fishing.
The egg of the cormorant is but little larger than that of a pigeon.
As they spoke a cormorant dived in front of them beneath the water.
It is true we agreed to say nothing about it before this cormorant.
The Spectacled or Pallas's cormorant is one of the rarest of all birds.
The birds comprise a darter, a cormorant, a guillemot, and a penguin.
For a few seconds the skipper of the cormorant could not utter a word.
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