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The groundbreaking computer graphics that made the original show so spellbinding have been improved to depict all the pesky hairiness of mammals.
Users can export vector-based geometry, such as a computer graphics metafile, and bring it into another program.
These together make up an excellent foundation for anyone trying to get involved with computer graphics or desktop publishing.
In painting, drawing, three-dimensional modelling and computer graphics, no other architect comes close.
The cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous in their representation of anime spliced into a high-resolution computer graphics world.
No doubt it benefits by twelve years of advancement, not only in computer graphics, but also in robotics technology.
Science and design also are brought together with interactive robots and large-scale computer graphics.
This is to show us just how good the computer graphics are, and it's a beaut.
I'd much rather see old-fashioned stop-motion animation than lousy computer graphics.
The now complicated relations between the medium of photography and ideas about art are extended by developments in laser holography, computer graphics, film, and video.
Does the creature resemble a half-finished 8th grade computer graphics project without finishing touches like texture mapping or surface smoothing?
In Mary, the latest scientific evidence is combined with stunning computer graphics and dramatic recreations to reveal the real woman behind the image.
The computer graphics are monotone overlaid in Lucky Charms leprechaun green.
Technique is a helpful ally, but if you lean a little too heavily on computer graphics and other catch gizmos, they blind a viewer with inaneness.
No movie has used computer graphics as imaginatively as this.
As he engages with the merciless classmates who rag him and pick at him every day, he imagines himself in computer graphics in the armour of the warrior.
Its early work on mathematical curve modeling for car bodies is important in the history of computer graphics.
You may see Gollum as a remarkable computer graphics creation on-screen, but Serkis sees himself.
The computer graphics added lots of eye candy to that movie.
Machinima is a neologism deriving from machine and cinema and refers to the use of real-time 3D computer graphics to create and record cinematic productions.
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Unfortunately, but by no accident, this metaphor was taken over in computer graphics.
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