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Unlike those comparably priced crops, ahipa plants must be pruned several times a season.
The HDMI cables performed comparably in both our instrument tests and our visual tests.
In other respects, Beijing's political influence and soft power abroad are comparably limited.
These blood protein isolates tend to be more expensive than basic protein products, but they are comparably priced to egg albumen proteins.
Any doctor who ignored a comparably ominous symptom in a patient would be subject to a ruinous lawsuit.
The institutional investors get the shares at a comparably low price, the value of which pops upward once the shares hit the open market.
It is equally true that many goods and services in our economy have undergone similar, if not quite comparably radical, changes in price.
The ride isn't as supple as that of a comparably priced steel rig, but it's a good, solid platform with brutally efficient power delivery.
Where boys and girls score comparably on cognitive skills, boys get worse grades in the touchy-feely stuff.
I cannot remember having had comparably powerful feelings during the actual crisis.
Although beef and pork are comparably priced, in your case that may affect your choice.
Whether car buyers choose vehicles that run solely on hydrogen over comparably priced hybrids or gas engines won't be clear for a decade or more.
When you look at the package the traders get, rents in Salisbury are comparably very favourable.
It would be, therefore, completely unfair if we didn't compare a comparably equipped Windows platform to a comparable Linux platform.
And yet, he went on to argue mischievously, are we not the victims of a comparably narcissistic delusion?
The heroic scale of the Interpolis headquarters required a comparably bold landscape design.
The comparably large decrease in the average Young's modulus could have been caused by floating of microvilli or lamellipodia, respectively.
This difference might be taken to indicate that less admixture has occurred in Virginia, yet the genetic analysis revealed comparably high levels of hybridization.
Jump forward some decades and the number of ebook designers is comparably small.
Men and women everywhere hawked government-controlled newspapers printed on a grayish, low-grade newsprint no doubt full of comparably dull propaganda.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The gentry society was, therefore, a comparably stable society with little upward social mobility but with some downward mobility.
We cannot apprehend an object as sublime while we apprehend it as comparably, measurably, or finitely great.
Unlike the peoples of the great Asiatic and European folk-wanderings, they found no comparably developed peoples to bar their way.
Even tobacco and liquor were present in comparably liberal quantities.
Despite the comparably small footprint they take on the ocean floor, tropical coral reefs are home to a substantial part of all marine life forms.
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