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Young children simply cannot be expected to wait outside for school buses when it is as bitterly cold as it was last week, Peters said.
He gathered her against him, felt that she was as cold as ice as well, and held on to her tightly.
Even if he was as cold as ice, she believed that she could melt him with her warmth.
A thunderstorm hit us with no warning and we lay soaked, silent and shivering with cold as the lightning and thunder crashed around us.
Then she spoke softly, but her voice was cold as the ice when the midwinter sun rises.
Sean Carey's shot for a point and the lead was mishit and caught the Tramore defenders cold as the ball found the net just under the crossbar.
In the depths of night on Mars, however, fine particles quickly become cold as temperatures plunge after sundown.
Dr Harding advised elderly people not to go out if the weather turns as cold as predicted.
You didn't spend an obscene amount on the catering just to have it grow cold as one of your guests blathers on.
Jade grew cold as the sun was blotted out from behind the clouds and everything grew dark.
The.22 caliber slug had ricocheted off the top of his cranium, knocking him cold as effectively as a hammer.
An instant later her eyes seemed to harden and become as hard and cold as the rock whose color they took.
Dey's rage was as cold as the arrows he used on Gith, and his words were more hiss than sound.
The tests included temperatures as cold as minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit to simulate the conditions of open space.
But now they could die of starvation or cold as temperatures drop to freezing at night.
Many students were left out in the cold as competition for limited enrolment spots escalated.
Pumps are more common in warm climates as the injector depends on a temperature difference, i.e. the feed water as cold as possible.
The tank becomes cold as a result, and the pressure inside the cylinder remains essentially constant until all the liquid has evaporated.
The workout area was drafty and cold as always, and Star slightly shivered under her workout clothing but she could take it.
Mama can be as cold as ice when she wants to be, and this is obviously one of those times.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I made a jugful of lemonade, girls, and it is as cold as if we had ice water in it.
He had intended that the smile should be acquiescent, but it had been as cold as steel.
His implied threat struck as cold as the glacial air, and Ross tried to meet it with an outward show of uncracked defenses.
As the pads retain cold as well as they do heat, the ice does not melt, and the mousse gradually freezes itself.
And off he flew, and had the gray squirrel there in a minute, cold as it was.
Carlton is so thin that you can see daylight through his lattice work, and cold as paving stone in winter.
I have known likings to be colored as rosily as love, and seen what called itself love as cold as the chilliest liking.
A deadly fear struck on Neville's heart, cold as a hailstone on an opening rose.
Breaks your rart to see the callous sardness of the human race, every luxury and ease themselves and cold as sice to others.
It was wielded by a red-haired, red-bearded, barrel-chested giant whose blue-green eyes were as cold as death.
Its blood was cold as its deliberateness, and it did nothing save deliberately.
But to the dhobi I appeared cold as the waters of the snows that melt on the mountains.
Floodgates were loosed within me, and the plain English of our adventure rushed over me as cold as ice.
Here we have the man, sly, subtle, hard, imperious, and, withal, cold as ice.
Morse looked at him with a face cold as chiselled marble and as hard.
The place was cold as a barn, an' it looked like a hurrah's nest.
Thou art hot-tempered and boyish, but I am cold as an icicle.
It beckoned, gliding noiselessly before him down a corridor as dark and cold as any tomb.
This action is noticed in cold as well as in warm-blooded animals.
I declined joining their breakfast, and, at the first gleam of dawn, took an opportunity of escaping into the free air, now clear, and still, and cold as impalpable ice.
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