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Dark green, ocean blue, metallic greys and whites, black and vibrant flashes of cobalt blue and acid yellow are the season's colours.
Low sitting tables, strewn with crimson rose petals and cobalt blue sequence beads welcome guests to dinner.
It wasn't even a subtle, navy blue, or a blue mixed in slightly with another color, it was a deep, brilliant cobalt blue.
It is a beautiful day too, the sky a vivid cobalt blue, the sun warm and energising.
It is almost impossible to avoid the gaze of the distinctive cobalt blue traffic cameras that are springing up along trunk routes.
Aalto's trademark ribs of cobalt blue tiles impart a lively rhythm to the angled wall that faces the bank of elevators.
From time to time as a gap in the trees appears I catch sight of this glistening stretch of cobalt blue water below.
They left us as the cobalt blue waters of the deep changed to aquamarine above the massed reefs of coral.
The reverse of the vessel bears brushed cobalt blue floral decoration at the shoulder and a continuation of the flowers that appear on the front.
The flight feathers are black, and the upper tail coverts and rump area are cobalt blue.
The egg is enamelled in cobalt blue on a shell of guilloche sterling silver.
He had blond-hair with a slight tinge of red and bright cobalt blue eyes that took her breath away.
It is attributed to Joseph Henry Remmey, who is known for similar elaborately incised cobalt blue decoration, especially of stylized birds.
A cobalt blue sea buffers snoozy Norfolk Island against the tumultuous world beyond it.
Primary colours are a big blast from the past, especially cobalt blue and fuchsia pink.
The next step is to paint some winter weeds around her, and put a nice wet wash of burnt umber and cobalt blue over the wet ground of her body.
Now the storm had passed, the sky was a pure cobalt blue with a white sun and the world was as clean as a blank sheet of paper.
Her little dragon was cobalt blue with a grey spot on his muzzle, an adorable and shiny little fellow.
Groundcover plantings of smoky mauve heathers come alive in spring with surrounding sweeps of cobalt blue grape hyacinths.
Decorative embellishments consist of two cobalt blue swags extending from a central round cobalt blue floral motif to the left and right handles.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This pigment was cobalt blue, indicating a considerable confusion of these minerals.
It is also used to form a resist-paste in calico printing, and in the manufacture of cobalt blue.
The distinguishing feature of the decoration is the combination of violet from manganese with cobalt blue.
Very good results in soap may be obtained by mixing a fast blue, as ultramarine or cobalt blue, with a red as rhodamine or eosine.
The first practical use of cobalt was in the form of zaffre or cobalt blue.
It is only when he is seen with the sun shining upon him that the cobalt blue patches in his plumage are noticed.
Let us suppose that we make a tint by adding white to cobalt blue.
A bag was filled with the crustaceae, whose shells were of a cobalt blue.
Give them a modern update and add a touch of colour with pops of cobalt blue an emerald green.
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