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Quickly getting in, and grabbing the cake of soap and wash cloth lying nearby I get to work.
Cleaned, lightly oiled, fully loaded and carefully wrapped in an oiled cloth, it was kept in a bureau drawer as a home defense weapon.
Apply the mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and squeegee off the liquid, absorbing any drips with a cloth.
She was squatting by the fire wrapped in scarlet cloth, her shoulders draped in a soiled blanket.
If applied and rubbed with a cloth, usually burlap, while still soft, the pores fill and the varnish goes on smoothly.
Some of the 14th century writing seals and later medieval cloth seals are apparently north-western products.
Saturate a cloth or sponge with vinegar and squeeze the liquid behind the hook so that the vinegar comes in contact with the adhesive.
Iced tea is a light brown shade and will stain the white cloth covering the table just like the cranberries.
Heavy spills can be wiped off with a damp cloth when the burner is completely cold.
Presumably it was the plank on which the tucker laid the piece of cloth so that it could be inspected carefully and the burls or knots removed.
She rushed into her closet and quickly slipped into a loin cloth as well as a loose nightgown.
Modern cloth nappies fasten with poppers or Velcro, need only a 60 degree wash in the machine and are very easy to use.
For all the models there is a new range of interior cloth trims, and for Eleganza models also a choice of velour trims.
Assuming that a spare piece of cloth could be used for nearly anything, she kept the banner as well.
After the pine tar has bubbled, gently re-heat the base and wipe off the excess pine tar with a clean cloth or fiberlene.
The cloth denotes both vertical and horizontal planes as pure modulation, without any opposition between them.
When she pulled a rifle, covered with a buckskin cloth off her saddle, Darren watched her with curiosity.
She wore a flowing robe of reflective black cloth with a special surface that made it reflect light in a brilliant spectrum of colors.
We are cut from the same cloth and while historically we haven't been branded as equals, that known gap between us is closing.
And that's like saying all people who got out there on a rampage and murder others are cut from the same cloth and think the same.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Then remove the iron and sponge cloths, then slap with the back of the brush to refreshen and brighten the cloth or garment.
Remove the cloths and iron as before, slapping with the back of the brush, then brushing the nap to refreshen the cloth.
She made me a poppet of a piece of scarlet cloth, and I called it after her.
They are all covered with cloth and rubber and are fastened with glass or porcelain knobs.
Sharlee was alone in the room, concluding the post-prandial chores with the laying of the Turkey-red cloth.
They wore moccasins for footgear, and on their heads high fur or deerskin caps trimmed with colored bands of raveled cloth.
Wring them through a cheese cloth, and if wanted sweet cook with sugar as red currant syrup.
The lace cloth must also go over a refectory table without felt or other lining.
He covered his hand with a cloth, seized the pothook which hung from the entrance of the chimney, and moved it laboriously aside.
Wind the thread on a reel and keep for the repairing of this cloth, then remake the hem.
This was his powder flask, which was wrapped in the folds of the cloth round his waist.
Never try to draw the cloth under the needle any faster than it is pushed along by the feed plate under the presser foot.
The orphan's own mother would never have recognized her babe in the midst of the strange, polyangular bundle of cloth.
For wrapping we tried bicycle tape, waxed cord and cloth, with wax and Plasticine for covering.
Rep, repp, rep, n. a kind of cloth having a finely corded surface.
A single recital makes a hat, more makes no more cloth than pleating.
Here on the green cloth of the pool table was his field of battle.
That we, who are gentlemen, content ourselves with a doublet of cloth at sixteen sols the ell, of Paris.
From each trumpet hung a heavy banner of velvet and cloth of gold, with the royal arms of England emblazoned thereon.
A Tidy Betty kept the ashes from the hearth, on which stood a steel fender cleaned with ashes and a damp cloth and emery paper.
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