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Sentence Examples
Nora grabbed a dishrag and began to clean off the table, sighing in frustration as Chris refused to move his elbows as she wiped.
It will help keep the bulb healthy longer if you clean off the yecchy outer skin.
Cut clean off aft of her forecastle, it can't be missed as you navigate along the southern port side of the wreck.
It knocked the Statue of Liberty clean off its pedestal before soundlessly swallowing her up.
The ferocious second-half free kick which lifted him clean off his feet was impressive.
On arrival in a home the first thing Brendan does is clean off the old bath and mask the surrounding areas to ensure there is no overspray.
Parliament didn't exactly clean off their desks before they broke for summer recess last Friday.
Modern household softeners have an automatic backwash or regeneration cycle to clean off the salt and allow it to resume its task.
There's probably more, I'm sure, but I'm tired, and I have to shower and clean off the smell from smoky bars so that I can rest.
Someone wonders whether passengers could be persuaded to clean off their own tray tables and suggests giving them a towelette for that purpose.
The salt water he had used to clean off the worst of the gunk made his clothing stiff and scratchy.
With sandpaper or a rasp, clean off bits of putty which remain on the wood or metal sash.
She bounced and grinned in response and happily stuffed the fork into her mouth, making sure to clean off every bit of food before she brought it back down again.
Suddenly, the wind picked up, knocking Jerry clean off his feet.
With their syncopated rag time rhythms and big bass fiddle, the girls excel at scat vocals that'll melt the wax clean off your old victrola.
I always clean off the nose if the head is out and the amniotic sac is broken, so the kid doesn't aspirate fluid.
Cut the foliage back to within an inch of the corm, clean off any soil and store in envelopes in a dry, frost-free place.
When the host, Ross, placed some pads on his hands and gave Hatton gloves to hit them with, he knocked a pad clean off Ross's hand with a powerful left hook.
In echoes of derby day 2013 when a Newcastle United fan punched a police horse in the face, Herby was struck and dragged to the ground, nearly smashing his head clean off.
Clean off as much crusted dirt and sediment as possible before shampooing.
Examples from Classical Literature
It crisped the poor fellow to a cinder, and sheared the head of my comrade clean off.
If stalks of tender plants are cut clean off be pretty sure the cutworm is abroad.
Diablo reached for him, and lifted the shirt clean off his back.
Please take the time to clean off your entire vehicle, not just two peepholes for you to see through.
Fergus' volley of speech, had taken him clean off his balance.
Well, so I should, only I know there are a lot of traps for the unwary, and that stones may be of any size and yet of little value where color and consistency are clean off.
By the living God he has given the giant, the enemy of my lady the Princess Micomicona, such a slash that he has sliced his head clean off as if it were a turnip.
You could not observe that from here, but if you were on the mantelpiece you would see that it is cut clean off without any mark of fraying whatever.
Clean off the mould and pests with soapy water and if they return try spraying with Murphy Tumblebug.
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