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These trades churned out in ever more massive quantities a myriad of small objects for personal and domestic adornment and use.
For almost four decades, seamstresses in this sprawling sweatshop churned out what was once the height of haut couture.
Today, having churned out boy band after girl band after boy band to little avail, they needed something fresh to sell to the kids.
For two weeks he churned out almost 300 pages of paper, which he compiled into a blue loose-leaf notebook and tabbed with multicolored dividers.
There was a time when only a section of the women population were addicted to the novelettes churned out by several scintillating weeklies.
I live near a busy road and heaven knows what the Carbon Monoxide and other gunk that is churned out by cars and lorries do to me.
Far too often today historical works are churned out in unreadable academic jargon.
But this is just so run-of-the-mill, the pap churned out by the ton in the early sixties.
Even as new applications are churned out, old ones need maintaining and even newer ones developing.
The 21st century demands free-thinkers, not an endless parade of automatons churned out from a formulaic educational assembly line.
The silver to make thalers was churned out at the great mine at Joachimsthal.
What work I owed I postponed until it had to be churned out in a flush of rage over my being disturbed by it.
During disputes, he and other government ministers have churned out statements that all but equate strikes with sedition.
Disk space on a desktop personal computer couldn't handle the volume being churned out.
The level of triumphalism and belligerence churned out by our columnists has been embarrassing to behold.
In the world of the Depression of the 1920s, and into the years of World War 2, Hollywood churned out an endless succession of highly stylised, escapist fantasies.
The four or five thrillers a year that de Villiers churned out from 1966 until his death in 2013 were amazingly trashy.
Even as he churned out works decrying the evils of capital, he was extremely entrepreneurial and owned a fair amount of property.
That feels inherently manufactured, creating a setting wherein episodes are churned out, assembly-line style.
The book is a counterpunch to the volumes of Oprah hagiography the publishing business has churned out over the years.
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Since then, goes this story, Hollywood has churned out mostly mindless, shallow movies in pursuit of bigger and bigger revenue streams.
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