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It was the voice of an angel, but I wanted the face, the photos, the video of the family.
With irony and wit he charmed a nation, but displayed a detachment that kept him aloof from the passions of his time.
The Turfers are freakish, passionate, half-baked, dignified, defiant, rude, anarchistic, but they are not Republicans.
Sister Aloysius accuses him of seducing Donald but does she even know what seduction means?
On the show, it led to this half-comical, half-horrifying, but 100 percent amazing moment.
The baby was naturally attracted to the bowlful of gold and jewels, but an angel intervened and pushed his hand to the other bowl.
In the film, the Bradley Cooper character Richie DiMaso is largely fictional but based loosely on Good and amoroso.
Before joining up with Cortez, Alonso and Diego were in Cuba but on far different rungs of society.
There are surely more applications in the pipeline, but these early numbers are anemic.
They dye their hair and alter their clothes, but not enough to attract attention from authorities.
The food here also is delicious and imaginative, but the ambience is 180-degrees different.
We should know that the term Amalek is bad not just because of whom it targets, but because of the violence it justifies.
I mean it's profiling, but then I've got kicked out of three bars for being an American Indian.
Originated as a British word, but we adopted it into American English almost immediately.
Sure, it's an amateurish mashup of every other action movie, but it has its charms.
Salt was a great action film, but Angelina is one of the only women that can get cast in this.
The weather forecast was supposed to be alright but it seems to be getting worse.
You can choose whatever base you want, but I usually go with two cups of coconut or almond milk.
The Aniston is a naturally pretty girl, but like most of us, she amps it up though hard work.
The marauding, man-eating Titans are mutated, androgynous beasts that have no need to feed but love to kill.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Its name is anableps, but in all probability it does not wish the fact to be generally known.
Here we have a hexameter which is neither iambic nor anapestic, but a combination of the two rhythms.
The King never supp'd unless it was in extraordinary cases, but amus'd himself with a Game at Chess.
Not in use clinically.Pressure Depressors Nitroglycerine and amyl nitrite, action transitory but rapid.
Yes, I have had attacks of vertigo now and then, but my physician says it's only anaemia.
Recollection alone would prove pre-existence, but not existence after death.
I take very little account of quarrels where amour-propre alone is concerned, but I never forget real offenses.
We do not suppose that the bracelet on her arm was an amulet, but it was a symbol.
God had made amy so that she had less trouble from selfishness than all but a few people.
It had no gate but a gap in the fence, and no fence but a hedge of the prickly pear and the aloe.
The almery had many uses, and is to be found in all parts of the church, but chiefly in the chancel.
The song is good in itself, but it is even more interesting as being the last product of Peacock's Anacreontic vein.
Fortunately, in recent years the Anaheim disease is less aggressive but still does more or less damage.
It was too much like analytical Geometry and Calculus for the popular mind, or even for any but a few patient thinkers.
You have two eyes of your own, and we have but a single one amongst us three.
The infidelity of Clementine Pichon touched his amour-propre a little, but he soon consoled himself for it.
Dr. Schick calls it an amphitheater, but it is simply a theater of the Greek type.
Amram sought to find his way back, but could only discover one piece of papyrus.
Both are dark red, but while almandite tends toward a violet tone, pyrope shades toward yellow.
The husband in my case was to be an inconvenience, but doubtless an amusing one.
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