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Sherman tanks could be launched at sea because they were made buoyant by a flotation collar fitted around them.
The sun smiled down on the bands, dancers, street performers and floats winding their way through streets lined with crowds in buoyant spirits.
Unfortunately, the foam insulation inside the suit also makes divers more buoyant and even less able to swim downward.
The models were dragged through a viscous liquid seeded with neutrally buoyant reflective particles.
As H2O builds up, density and viscosity decrease to a stage where the magma may again be sufficiently buoyant and mobile to rise further.
The water making our bodies buoyant, Miguel moves a few feet to the left until we hit the wall and the edge of one of the cascading waterfalls.
The fertilised eggs are slightly buoyant and rise towards the surface where they drift for around 12 days before hatching.
They were concerned that the buoyant forces of the concrete against the bottom forms would float the drains out of position.
Large-finned, negatively buoyant squid soar like eagles in rising currents, but lose control in currents above one body length per second.
You can't see their chests heave, but they must, at least for a minute, after settling from a race over the rocks to soft, buoyant water.
She submerged herself, difficult to do with the added resistance of the buoyant air, but not impossible.
It is hard enough to imagine the size of whales, and they live today and in the buoyant water.
Alas I spent 45 minutes circling downward in very buoyant air and landed south of Danville for 114 miles the new site record.
The seawater density in the ocean normally increases with depth, because heavy water sinks and buoyant water rises.
It's a final glide to goal with final speeds at over 60 mph in buoyant smooth air.
No longer could he fight his way through the buoyant element of air which had been his friend since birth.
Two Falcons launch from upper at 1300, and boat up in the very buoyant air.
The cirrus was filtering the sunlight, the air was buoyant and the thermals were as smooth as could be.
The tank is filled with about 10 inches of a buoyant Epsom salts water solution heated to body temperature.
Household spending, public consumption and investment have all grown strongly and the housing market remains buoyant.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Light and buoyant as the child was, her tightened clasp had begun to tell on him.
Hydrogen is the lightest and consequently the most buoyant of all known gases.
Another bird which the buoyant spirits of the breeding season urge into unusual prominence is the common snipe.
The pure air and semi-tropical skies stimulated our buoyant spirits, and made these the halcyon days of my existence.
So far from being grave, this dark kentuckian was as gay and buoyant as any of the party.
The buoyant and elastic temper of the French trouveur was spiritualized in the Welsh singers by a more refined poetic feeling.
He was forgetting how to laugh, to be buoyant, to see the world through the rose-colored glasses of sanguine youth.
But there are instances where, after the lapse of many hours or several days, the sunken whale again rises, more buoyant than in life.
But the next moment from among them leaped a figure, alert, buoyant, invincible, and, axe in hand, once more essayed the passage.
Till morning dawned I was tossed on a buoyant but unquiet sea, where billows of trouble rolled under surges of joy.
And, hard though it be to crush her buoyant spirit, I must persevere in making her sad while I live, and leaving her solitary when I die.
Sometimes my mother would chide me for so doing, but I did not care, for my heart was too joyous, and my spirits too buoyant, for that.
This position must be light, active, buoyant, and reposeful.
This buoyant soundworld from the expert CBSO strings provided the perfect backcloth for Padmore in Gerald Finzi's rapturous Dies Natalis.
There was a half-smile on his lips, and his step was buoyant.
She was as buoyant as a cork and no heavy water struck her decks.
The air was new, it was stimulative, it recharged me with buoyant youth.
The springless frozen earth under Bert's feet felt strangely dead and heavy after the buoyant airship.
The Street Sweeper connects up its large cast of characters, telling a grim but buoyant story, full of humanity and brave acts.
Like a bulldozer, the continent scooped up islands sitting on top of the subducting Farallon plate that were too buoyant to sink into the mantle.
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