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Sentence Examples
Trans people do not find great enjoyment in randomly accusing people of transphobia, and would rather not have to bring it up.
Wrap the wide end around and bring it up over and through the loop, between the collar and the tie.
It took me a while to fetch the car and bring it up to the church to get my parents.
Most of your friends are indifferent or antipathetic to it, so you don't bring it up much when talking about movies.
Democratic leaders in both houses say they'll bring it up for a vote and they expect it to pass.
Margaret wrote back saying that I should bring it up in class and acknowledge my feelings.
In other words, they can grab a piece of food with the little claws on their feet, taste it, then bring it up to their mouth and taste it again.
I keep trying to imagine how I'll bring it up to the doctor without a deranged look in my eye.
I agree that we should be striving to equalise level of provision, but let's bring it up, not down.
The utility room still needs some finishing touches to bring it up to the standard of the other rooms in the house.
I bring it up every so often just to test the waters, which are getting less chilly, but he still evinces quite a bit of hesitation.
He was supposed to laugh and then bring it up every five minutes with the sole purpose to tease me about it.
Essentially, that means the bill has been put on pause until the president or president pro tempore of the Senate decides to bring it up again.
If a ceorl and his wife have a child, and the ceorl dies, the mother shall keep her child and bring it up.
My strop has already been immortalised on this blog and it is unfair to bring it up again.
The gallery, which was formerly a storefront, had to undergo a few building improvements to bring it up to code.
One recent poll suggests an overwhelming majority of the public supports the ban, but congressional leaders say they have no plan to bring it up for renewal.
The expansion project of the port of Charleston should enable it to double capacity to bring it up to 1.4 million TEUs per annum.
If you have a problem, bring it up in a clear, direct way with your employer and ask them to look into it.
The company may already be accessible or may consider it once you bring it up.
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Only thirty-two in the account, but he would deposit his paycheck today which would bring it up.
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