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From the first nodding snowdrops to the last bright tulips, spring bulb flowers proclaim the end of winter and bring back color to the landscape.
He fled to his cistern to bring back water, but though the fledgling grasped the cup and strove to drink, he could not force it down.
He was not amused, especially when he heard that that same bunch had voted to bring back the birch only two weeks earlier.
Since most forayers had never seen this species before, I'm sure it will bring back fond memories for the 180 or so people who attended.
Terrorists can bring back diseases like smallpox and they can even create their own.
An idealistic student tries to bring back his creativity, while his secretary attempts to drag him out of his mopery.
That is not including the wine they drink while on holiday or bring back from booze cruises.
New Zealand needs to bring back mothers-in-law to help with the raising of families, Social Development Minister Steve Maharey said yesterday.
If the UFO turned out to be a spy plane, it could bring back memories of stories of flying saucers frequently found during the Cold War period.
The management has been brave enough to take on a market once considered unbreachable and bring back the booty.
If you want proof, do not just look at the mistakes which go uncorrected in the work your children bring back from school.
You don't have to bring back old nameplates because there just aren't that many to bring back.
They bring back experiences that they might otherwise have never been exposed to, and they bring back positiveness.
The government needs to forget the new smacking law and bring back corporal punishment.
As I gazed in the direction of his usual path, I saw fishermen bring back their catch of the day.
Here is Frank's speech, to bring back the memories and put the current scandal in context.
Perhaps we should bring back badger-baiting, cock-fighting, the bear pit, and all of those other traditional English pursuits.
Sarah, 23, aims to bring back evocative memories for anyone with a passion for musicals.
Ten years ago a serious proposal was made to bring back trolleybuses to Bradford but the idea was later aborted.
A show of hands resulted in 11 people voting to bring back the bells, with one vote against and six abstentions.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He had asks if there was anythings she was having needs of that he could bring back.
But as he has resigned his own elephant, as if it were phlegm, who will bring back that animal?
In versification Hunts aim was to bring back into use the earlier form of the rhymed English decasyllabic or heroic couplet.
Yet her disgrace and death would not bring back the piglet, but only serve to make Dorothy unhappy.
Everything depended upon his being able to bring back the atom smasher and take Lucille and her father away.
It is said that she had promised to discomfit the Burgundians and bring back Duke Philip prisoner.
I am going to ride down to Reigate at once, and will bring back a surgeon with me.
An Albanian who has been away at work will not bring back a gift for his wife.
But the peasant is not lavish, and, for whole weeks, he did not bring back a sou.
This ablution made him clean, but did not bring back his ruddy color.
He was sent to Rio de Janeiro to bring back an absconder of note.
When did Our Lady of Lourdes mean to bring back the monarchy?
Should we go into town and get some bialy to bring back to Miami?
And Jake Wheeler went along to bring back the team from Brampton.
For the family, the new investigation will bring back all the rawness and pain of their traumatic loss.
In 2010 we took the bold decision to join the coalition to bring back Country on its feet.
I bargained to take a man and his attendant to and from Arica, and bring back some animals.
Forget the fancy football, which hasn't got us anywhere except fighting relegation, and bring back our 90-minute battlers.
Suddenly, Sadness starts tingeing Riley's happy memories with gloom and all of Joy's efforts to bring back the cheer fail.
So he sent my father to the marchant at Ipswich, to bring back four dozen.
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