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A bloodied Harrison clawed his way out of his overhead escape hatch and staggered from the plane.
It's performed with an escalating physical remorselessness that often ends in bloodied knuckles and ruptured piano strings.
The end of World War I found the Germans and the British badly bloodied from four years of trench warfare.
Collectively, the players resemble a punch-drunk boxer, bruised and bloodied, clinging onto the ropes for support.
In some cases, the detainees have been subject to harassment by prison guards and rough treatment that has left them bloodied.
A seven-mile loop on such terrain may take as long as two hours and always leaves one bruised, bloodied, and bonked.
Scottish badminton reached a not unexpected low ebb as injury took effect and a primarily new and young team was bloodied.
We've bloodied noses and bit off ears with the best of them, before even the US was a twinkle in someone's eye.
Then the miracle play jerks to life. A chop strikes home, straight to the skull, a head is bloodied.
Some punches were thrown, and at least four Sea Shepherd crew members were bloodied.
In the interests of balance, the heavily outnumbered camp are bloodied but unbowed.
Tonight was the politician's opportunity to play the bloodied but unbowed ideological hero.
Six players in all, they still look regal and sing with their heads held high, as if bloodied but unbowed.
They were bruised and bloodied, but at least they had prevented a huge piece of the ice-shelf from being calved off into the ocean.
The Burn, beaten and bloodied, but unbowed are returning to the Edinburgh District League, from whence they came 30 years ago.
My sensing is that we haven't yet been bloodied enough to act illiberally so as to counter our illiberal adversaries.
Quickly unloading the film, Haviv hid the incriminating rolls, just in case, and later smuggled them out of the bloodied town.
One of his legs was bloodied and bent at an awkward angle because of a clearly broken bone.
Dan was a bloodied mess, his right eye already swelling shut, his lip puffy, split and bleeding.
A bloodied boogie-boarder screamed a warning to his mates after being attacked by a shark off a northern New South Wales beach yesterday.
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Had his face been raised, we should have seen it bloodied, and the blood was not his own.
Her hair was loose and over her eyes, her clenched hands all bloodied about her throat.
The eyelids had been cut off, and only two dreadful, bloodied, glaring things of horror appealed mutely to God.
Noses got bloodied, and no one 200 could make the fighters stop.
If they weren't careful, a lot of new bowie knives would get bloodied.
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