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We expect university campuses to be occupied, and thousands of schoolchildren have pledged to stage sit-ins or demand debates.
The ground floor and mezzanine will be occupied by the society and the rest will be given over to other offices.
At this point the palace-organized economy seems to have ceased, though parts of the citadel continued to be occupied until about 1050 bc.
The ski house turned out to be occupied by a bunch of fratty guys on a mountain biking trip.
The people of republican and nationalist heartlands do not deserve to be occupied by the British Army.
The gunner's ejection seat, however, was retained and can be occupied by an instructor or flight examiner.
Since the building is now zoned for residential use, the house can be occupied by only three unrelated people at a time.
These extremely productive people like to be occupied in their leisure time with pursuits such as craftwork, hiking or reading.
He said many buildings in Dublin due to be vacated will still be occupied by staff who do not want to move.
Enormous numbers of vacant units could be occupied immediately by families with these housing vouchers.
People can't be occupied so easily once they are urbanized, industrialized, literate, connected by modern communications, and politically aware.
The gizmo had no sense of how long each step might take, and continued its litany of orders while the user would likely still be occupied with a previous task.
Sidewalks from busier times had been torn asunder by roots and frost heaves, and none of the 20 buildings along its few tree-lined streets seemed to be occupied.
As usual, the centerfold of the magazine will be occupied with a large, full-color reproduction of an artwork suitable for display on a classroom wall.
At that time it began to be occupied by the king's burgraves.
Pibulsongkram realised the Japanese were not about to let Thailand remain neutral in the conflict and it was either join or be occupied as a defeated power.
They invite the gravel-voiced stranger to rendezvous with the imaginary seductress in the hotel room beside them, which happens to be occupied by an abrasive businessman.
Aided by currents, the Haven has attracted all the filter-feeding creatures such as crinoids and ascidians, and there are plenty of holes to be occupied.
The new-look hostel will replace the all-in dorms with 34 beds in smaller individual bedrooms that could be occupied privately by couples or families.
The Rhineland was to be occupied for 15 years, but troops were to be progressively withdrawn at five-year intervals provided Germany carried out the treaty terms.
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Examples from Classical Literature
When trenches are to be occupied for any length of time, they must be revetted.
Thorndyke's telepathy would be occupied in taking this perception and using it.
Third rank of existence should not be occupied by modality, vi.
Grant's wasteful doings to overlook, left her very little occasion to be occupied in fears for the absent.
Rank third, of existence, should not be occupied by modality, vi.
He appeared to have suspended his labours, and to be occupied in thought.
But suppose the hacienda San Carlos to be occupied by a Spanish garrison?
However, majority of the Senate seats will be occupied by Republications, so observers are going to monitor how things will go.
All of the front half of the house from the ground up seemed to be occupied by the people, the cows, and the chickens, and all the rear half by draught-animals and hay.
Once authorized, he would have to limit the activity to a campus Free Speech Zone, an area so small it could only be occupied by two people at a time.
With a memory sharpened to almost preternatural clearness, she remarked every turn in the road, and formed a mental estimate of the time to be occupied in traversing it.
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