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If the two fighters begin to converge while attacking a bandit, the yielding pilot must alter course to preserve the 500-foot bubble.
Both pilots begin to focus on the bandit, and both begin flying their best Basic Fighter Maneuvers while clearing their flight paths.
I was so fixated on the bandit and turning my aircraft that the altimeter fell out of my crosscheck.
Eagle-eyed residents have been craning their necks skyward to catch a glimpse of the beaked bandit but, so far, to no avail.
Tasked with nabbing an elusive bandit hiding out in a forest, this could become a long-running serial.
What gives this wretched episode extra poignancy is the fact that the bandit commander's life had been saved by the Red Cross a year earlier.
Violence erupted on Tuesday when militants clashed with a bandit gang and 15 people were killed.
I feel a little like I'm sitting in front of a one-armed bandit with three jackpot symbols showing and the final wheel still spinning.
The city even hired eight new bylaw enforcement officers last October to scour our parks, looking for bandit dumpers.
Aleila looked at the desponding bandit, and even though he had brought this misery on himself, she couldn't help but feel sad for him.
Now suppose there is a desperate bandit lurking in the fields and one thousand men set out in pursuit of him.
She had started the scam to pay for her addiction to one-armed bandit gaming machines.
Instead, the one-armed bandit operated stock scams said to have helped establish the fortunes of many of today's local social elite.
This bandit was a lot bigger than the other bandits and he wielded his weapons with skill.
The camp is home to a bandit and contains a firepit with a stewpot and plate near a single tent.
As the bandit was fleeing, Boodram reportedly pulled out a licensed firearm and fired several shots.
They found a working bar complete with a stock of alcohol, a spirits gantry, bar stools and mats, neon lights and even a one-armed bandit machine.
She stormed off next door, where the business owner tried to chase Wislon off before the bandit squeezed off a round.
One bandit came in the night to rob the couple, and shot at his wife when she exited the house.
After all, who has made out like a bandit since the 2008 economic collapse?
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Corsican bandit, like the mouflon of the same island, is nearly extinct.
The guide's likeness to that bandit who died in himalaya camp was most striking.
But he emerged a better and wilier bandit than before, to embark upon a career that made his former life seem tame.
She saw Kells the ruthless bandit, the organizer, the planner, and the blood-spiller.
One bandit is just as good as another, and from Pesita to Carranza they're all bandits at heart.
For once, there were no sentimental women waiting to cosset the bandit.
John Lateran, and Peppino, called Rocca Priori, convicted of complicity with the detestable bandit Luigi Vampa, and the men of his band.
He blinked rapidly as if dazed by the faint light, while his patron, the old bandit, glowered at young Powell from under his beetling brow.
Why did you not call me a bandit when I was at the plateaux?
From the day on which the bandit had been saved by the two young peasants, he had been enamoured of Teresa, and had sworn she should be his.
It was part of my plan, this meager manning of the bandit ship.
They were willing to tell the location of the bandit stronghold.
How could you imagine the infernal trick this bandit was playing on you?
Only one bandit, a skilled swordsman, remained, to keep baro busy.
Wielding a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun, the bandit began his string of holdups Jan.
I've been looking for a good able-bodied bandit like you for years.
A leather pocketbook, a purse, in which was evidently a part of the sum which the bandit had received, with a dice box and dice, completed the possessions of the dead man.
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