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Look guys I know we have to be a bit more alert, I know we have to be a bit more aware and careful.
He was also acutely aware of being part a long and venerable exegetical tradition.
You know how it is when you suddenly become aware of some part of yourself, and it bothers you no end?
I was suddenly aware of how noisy and rowdy the party was, and I noted the heavy smell of alcohol in the air.
However police are very aware of recent world events, notably the volatile situation in the Middle East.
In saying this, I am fully aware that it is my own hang-up and I take full responsibility for my emotional reaction.
Camps have to be aware of their state's laws and what is going on in their state capitol.
I am aware of this effect of Isa and I do not panic, but like the force of nature, I yield and go with the flow.
As the spokesman admitted, there is an official ban on such activities, of which all scientists involved would have been well aware.
How many people who turned to 'happy pills' would not have done so if they had been fully aware of the potential harms?
We who hunted rabbits, hares, pigeons and pheasants as part of our wintry routine were certainly aware of the mad March hare days.
I don't think the 31 officials were aware that the photographs were incorrectly captioned, I certainly was not.
With program rivalries, people are said to be more captious and aware of the shows they are watching.
She wasn't aware of missing a father figure, although her stepfather later became an important part of her life.
I don't think many people are aware quite how much theatre design is a hard-headed practical matter.
Be aware that India ink, a permanent dye, is nothing more than carbon black mixed into a solvent medium.
Gandhi on the other hand was aware of the difficulties, hardships, and suffering that was to come.
Most people will be aware that there is little demand for paper, cardboard, plastic and glass.
We think it is important that drinkers are aware of larger measures and the potential harm of drinking too much.
I would appreciate it if you could ask your readers to be aware of such scams as they have the potential for massive harm.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He was too pompously and innocently aware of his own existence to observe that of others.
Even as they watched, the bluejackets were aware that R19 was porting helm.
If the ego be pure activity, free activity, it can only become aware of itself by positing some limit.
The attempt to place this long chapter of prehistory on a historical basis has many dangers, of which I am fully aware.
There is a kind of premonitory apology implied in my saying this, I am aware.
For the preschool years we will help needy children become aware of the excitement of learning.
But come, you are doubtless not aware that I am the protector of Lourdes here at Rome.
We are aware that it is resorted to in burns, and highly eulogized in puerperal and yellow fever.
If he was aware of this scrutiny on the part of the pursy gentleman, he gave not the least sign.
At least, we might gather from this passage that the poet was aware of the distinction between ruby and carbuncle.
If this be not done, a refutative argument may be drawn from such omission that the respondent was not aware of the relativity.
But we are not aware of them except as entities fulfilling the functions of relata in these relations.
But in discerning an event we are also aware of its significance as a relatum in the structure of events.
I became aware of the soft, continuous popping sounds of the air-bubbles escaping from the relief valve of the head-piece.
I am not aware of any record in which mention of this relique occurs before the time of St. Margaret.
In their ignorance of the past, these revilers of New England have been blindly attacking a greater fact than they were aware of.
All this kept the robot busy, and we got so used to him we were hardly aware he was around.
They were aware that they were among the most dangerous reefs on that rock-bound coast.
As they approached the trap they became aware from the noises emanating from its vicinity that their efforts had been crowned with success.
Presently she was aware of a protrusion from the window beneath hers.
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