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Elections are a dirty business, and Brown makes no apology for getting his hands dirty.
But in this sorry apology for a summer, show day on Sunday dawned with glorious sunshine and warm temperatures.
Aristides also, a believer earnestly devoted to our religion, left, like Quadratus, an apology for the faith, addressed to Adrian.
The previous book is a more generic apology for the harmonization of religious and modern scientific worldviews.
All of this gives an untimely ring to Jorg Traeger's impassioned apology for Renaissance art as a religious art.
Consider his words, which can be read as an apology for the Court's shameful reasoning in Bowers.
Just war theory has in practice been little more than a religious apology for the excesses of empire.
First, in arguing that atheism is unscientific I do not wish to present an apology for any theistic doctrine or any particular religious faith.
The one twist in this otherwise predictable apology for capitalism is the draping of Marx in the clothes of capital.
I make absolutely no apology for enthusing about the trip, which was even more successful, unbelievably so, than the first.
So this is actually in the nature of an apology for the extreme scarcity of posts this week.
She had planned to give a grumbling apology for being late when he sniped at her incompetence, but she really did feel bad now.
He sent me quite a handsome apology for his abuse of me so I think he is a pretty decent sort, basically.
I'm waiting for some kind of apology for their recent display of callousness.
I'll trade you one apology for McDonald's Filet-o-Fish in exchange for a mea culpa over haggis or steak tartare.
Maybe instead produce an interminable, twanging, overlong, repetitive, inaccessible and frankly irredeemable apology for a solo album.
I have no doubt that it shocks, perhaps even horrifies our young audiences but we make no apology for that.
The apology for slavery is important in symbolic terms only, especially given the crisis in Liberia.
It was the best peace offering I could make, an oblique apology for the awkwardness resulting from Thanksgiving.
The paper was forced to publish a humiliating front page apology for the fiasco the following day.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The old man was looking at her with frank and friendly apology for his intrusion.
There was no apology for her situation, no trace of alarm or shame or unreadiness.
Mrs. Lessways warmly deprecated any apology for inexactitude, and wiped her sympathetic eyes.
Mr. daff, however, offered the best apology for his absence that could be made.
This was evidently no put-on apology for the occasion, and Wyndham, as he spoke, looked as penitent as his words.
But the justice done to Edgar she gloried in, as an apology for her feelings, and exculpatory of her weakness.
His response to the toast of the fourth estate was an apology for its behaviour to my father.
Their threats were, however, mingled with some sort of indirect apology for the defeat of the two of them by a feeble madman.
You had rather look out for misery for Marianne, and guilt for poor Willoughby, than an apology for the latter.
With an apology for my remissness, I went into my own room to get the papers from my bag.
She made a half apology for not telling me that she was going to New York.
His apology for unpunctuality was cut short by the lively hostess.
Our apology for not giving such receipts will be found in obs.
Giles most handsomely insisted on stopping, to make an apology for his hastiness of speech.
But it's no kind of apology for slavery, to prove that it isn't worse than some other bad thing.
There was an old standish on the mantelshelf containing a dusty apology for all three.
The author of a new crypto-ransomware known as Locker has apparently had a change of heart about using it against victims, and has posted an apology for unleashing the threat.
Why not put my house, my parlor, behind this plot, instead of behind that meager assemblage of curiosities, that poor apology for a Nature and Art, which I call my front yard?
He was only fut for a pugsty, an' a dom puir apology for thot same.
Sir, I make no apology for dropping all forms of conventional prefix.
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