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They even try to hold the country's governing council responsible for the villain's actions and demand immediate attacks.
If feelings and demand for peace are strong enough, it could someday be a reality for our peoples.
As the soft market works to sort out supply and demand issues, the U.S. economy remains slightly unstable.
These methods, however, lack resolution and demand unphysiological study conditions.
He who makes the most money, makes the rules, and the only unchangeable laws concern supply and demand.
It is much easier to hurl accusations from above and demand that lesser mortals do the actual work.
There are different types of guarantees, such as bipartite and tripartite guarantees, continuing and limited guarantees and demand guarantees.
I hope, when the patent goes through, they sue the shizzle out of their rivals and demand a lot of money in damages.
This most basic of resources is facing a classic collision between supply and demand.
Like teenagers, we can stomp our foot and demand the run of the house, but unless we pay the bills we can be told to shape up or ship out.
There is here a kind of self-denial and demand for trust which a man might very well hate and resent.
Continued practices of duplicating programs when geography and demand dictate otherwise clearly points to a segregational vestige.
The segmented market hypothesis explains the yield curve's shape in terms of relative supply and demand for securities at different maturities.
When you eventually wise up, faux police barge into your hotel and demand massive bribes in exchange for your freedom.
Now, a materially minded person might suggest that in market terms, what we have is a serious imbalance between supply and demand.
The economic ratio, or terms of trade, becomes a diplomatic move unrelated to the laws of supply and demand.
The 64-bit bad boy also has hyperthreading to help certain software loads and demand based switching to improve performance per watt.
For technology is moving ahead, and demand for telecommunications is growing.
China's efforts to cool the economy have led charter rates for dry cargo bulk cargo carriers to more fairly reflect supply and demand.
Due to huge market interest and demand for chrome and mag wheels, your fitment options are virtually unlimited.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As soon as a traveller enters the village, the alcade and the Rejidores make their appearance, and demand his passport.
It was proof of Billy's spiritual and physical change that Peggy did not cuff him and demand an explanation.
And this it does, through the incidence of bargaining and the law of supply and demand.
She did not cower back and demand that the oracle be served up to her by a messenger.
We are your debtors, as well as Belle, and demand the privilege of paying up.
But, as I said, it's a matter of supply and demand and punters may still prefer crotches to crotchets, as I opined in that first column.
However, suppliers are not being caught off guard by a sharply higher buying level, which should keep supply and demand in better balance.
The strength and conditioning profession has certainly burgeoned over the past 30 years in both supply and demand.
In our instinctive rebellion against pain, we are children again, and demand an active will to wreak our vengeance on.
To be sure, we emphasize and demand brilliance as the operational goal.
We must do what America does best, offer more opportunity TO all and demand more responsibility FROM all.
Grower satisfaction and demand for the Helix brands has always remained strong.
Some artists, ill-humored about being turned down, would berate Jacobs volunteers and demand explanations of the jury's decision.
By 2004, HSIA in guest rooms had become so widespread that it was one of the services that business travelers had come to expect and demand.
In fact, I was so afraid of him that I was not game enough just then to address him, and demand a satisfactory answer concerning what seemed inexplicable in him.
Overall, relative knowledge of the market is limited, in some instances inaccurate and in too many instances there is a misalliance between supply and demand.
The fundamental forces of supply and demand, along with constant technological progress, drive long-term cycles in resource prices, Governor Poloz said.
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