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Lindley has made us acquainted with a species of Salix belonging to Senegal, and therefore to the equinoctial region of Africa.
By the time he painted this well-known image of Iona, Peploe had been acquainted with the island for four years.
When Robert first got acquainted with Nancy, she was hardworking, pretty and sociable.
I figured that since I am now acquainted with millionaires, I must look like one, even if I am not.
Four witnesses who were acquainted with the plaintiff testified that they thought of him when they read the article.
Just about anyone who was ever acquainted with me knows that I do not trust people.
Drop in there any Tuesday evening at 8pm and get acquainted with the folk there.
He himself would have been personally acquainted with the complainant and in that respect lacked independence.
What I cannot understand is why he is now pursuing our daughter and why he has not told her that he was once acquainted with us.
I have been personally acquainted with several members of the original Trapp Family Singers.
He had become acquainted with the girls, who cannot be named because of their age, after meeting them through a parent of one of them.
I see no difficulty with the proposition that Shakespeare was acquainted with Roger Manners, fifth Earl of Rutland.
Today many of us are acquainted with persons of other religious traditions.
She said that if the voters do not dine with the candidate, how could they be acquainted with him?
Lilah is not acquainted with her, which also means the readers have yet to meet her.
This anthology has introduced me to Wesleyan and Evangelical materials I was only vaguely acquainted with.
A female administrator at Queen Mary Hospital was excused by the defense because she was acquainted with some of the witnesses.
It reflects the kind of locker-room antics that his white, male, suburban audience is well acquainted with.
I have become acquainted with several salvias, which the hummingbirds love, and I continue to admire the endless blooms of rudbeckia and yarrow.
Plummer evidently was acquainted with the family, however, and had some idea that the lyke-wake was in order.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Columbus is acknowledged to have been acquainted with the pulmonary circulation.
I became acquainted with callithump when I straightened out the asparagus-bed.
He was a man of the world, and well acquainted with the goings-on of society.
But we forget that the reader has not yet been made acquainted with the guest.
I class it with the Gypsy, because all who speak it are also acquainted with Romany.
If human society was better acquainted with psychopathology a great deal of conjugal misunderstanding and misery would be avoided.
It happened, consequently, that he was well acquainted with the carburation.
With this she hies away to Alischar to make him acquainted with her success.
And when you have become acquainted with Mr. hodden, I want you to introduce him to me.
Let me make you acquainted with my friend, Mr. Smith, and my friend, Mr. homer.
Is Mr. Rossetti acquainted with the proleptic use of adjectives and participles?
He is intimately acquainted with every gopher hole, hoofprint and drain cover on the club property.
He was acquainted with the women of society, and with the women who only wished to be in society.
Aminah made the nurse acquainted with the marvellous events that had happened during her pregnancy and lying-in.
Travelling, no less than adversity, makes us acquainted with strange bedfellows.
Waldie, acquainted with the chemical composition of chloric ether, suggested that chloroform be prepared from it and used.
The Atharva-Veda, on the other hand, contains some passages showing that its composers were acquainted with the ocean.
It was whilst his mind was in this situation that he became acquainted with Belinda.
You are perhaps acquainted with the ivories which have been recently purchased there?
The reader is probably acquainted with the Fescue Grass, with its awned flowers arranged in one-sided panicles.
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