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Most takeoff and landing accidents would never have happened if the pilot had made a timely abort.
Remember, too that women with disabilities also choose to have pre-natal screening and may also choose to abort a disabled fetus.
The Bill also allows the victims of rape or incest to abort the fetus till 18 weeks.
The disease can cause female bison, cattle, and elk to abort their fetuses.
The woman can abort anywhere, wherever she is at the time, it doesn't matter.
What, for instance, would stop Third World women being financially persuaded to become pregnant and abort to provide the cells?
My mother told him she would abort, but instead packed up her stuff and ran.
But the full extent of the problem will not be known until Spring when the Brucellosis will cause pregnant cattle to abort.
Aside from causing pregnant cows to abort, this would threaten the state's brucellosis-free status, and hence its vital livestock industry.
If endosperm cell division is halted at an early stage, kernels abort and fail to set seed.
When the gynoecium did not abort, F1 flowers were protogynous with the stigma maturing prior to the anthers.
The major alert was sparked off after a petrol-powered generator found on board forced the pilot to abort the journey and divert to Rome.
He immediately notified the pilot to shut down the engine and recommended the pilot abort the sortie.
If a small bird makes a dent in a plane in flight, the pilot may abort the flight and bring the aircraft back for inspection.
The president's aircraft was about to land at Jacksonville Naval Air Station when the control tower ordered the pilot to abort his landing.
The situation was set up to provide conditions that might closely resemble an actual NASA emergency abort landing.
Maj Berge immediately called for an abort during this critical phase of flight.
Various low-probability emergency aborts may use the lakebeds but they are not primary abort sites.
We never received an affirmative response from the tower to confirm our abort.
Two aborts, even a slow-speed abort, on a hot day can make these valves release tire pressure.
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And if I am to endure it much longer, I shall have to abort.
I've tried my best to abort this big bug, but I can't find anything amiss.
Al-San''e stressed the importance of the steadfastness of Arab citizens to abort Israel''s longstanding plans to unload and Judaize Arab land in Negev.
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