Sentences and phrases with the word terrified

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word terrified? Here are some examples.

Terrified, he asked to be driven home.

The character had an arc that terrified me.

Bowlers may not be quite so terrified, even if Tait plugs away at his revolutionary plan to bat left-handed.

Victims are terrified at the idea of going out of their homes and are often.

Anxiety disorders can make a person feel terrified anywhere, be it in church, cinema or in the privacy of their own home.

Are you terrified at the thought of being or getting naked? It doesn't have to be that way for you any more.

It hurts like hell sometimes and we are terrified by it, but that's what love is all about.

Why are people terrified of ghosts? Most people feel that ghosts can hurt them.

Many of us are terrified of missing a training session for instance, and while that mentality is fantastic for a woman triathlete to have.

Clients who lost their homes are terrified of the tax repercussions of their once-expensive home selling for a pittance.

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