Words ending with EX

Looking for words ending with EX? Here's a list of words you may be looking for.
Words Found
annex apex
archicortex biconvex
carnifex caudex
centrex cimex
cineplex circumflex
codex complex
contex convex
cortex culex
cybersex deflex
demultiplex dentex
desex dex
dorsiflex duplex
ex fauxlex
flex forex
forfex googleplex
googolplex haruspex
hex hypercomplex
ibex ilex
impex incomplex
index inflex
interrex intersex
intertex kleenex
latex leathersex
lex lurex
megaplex metroplex
mirex multiplex
murex narthex
neocortex nex
nonconvex paleocortex
perplex perspex
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