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demultiplex demultiplexer
heteromultimeric homomultimeric
multi multiage
multianalyte multiarticulate
multiband multibillion
multiboot multibranched
multicast multicasted
multicategory multicelled
multicellular multicellularity
multicenter multicentre
multicentred multicentric
multichannel multichoice
multichromatic multicollinear
multicollinearity multicolor
multicoloredUS multicolour
multicolouredUK multicomponent
multicore multicultural
multiculturalism multiculturalist
multiculturally multicultured
multiculturism multicurrency
multidecadal multidentate
multidimensional multidimensionality
multidirectional multidisciplinary
multidiscipline multidivisional
multidose multidrug
multiemployer multiengine
multiethnic multiethnicity
multievent multifaced
multifacet multifaceted
multifactor multifactoral
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