How to say watch in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for watch? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for watch
el reloj noun
clock, timepiece, time, dial, timekeeper
ver verb
see, view, look, hear, see into
mirar verb
look, look at, see, view, glance
observar verb
observe, note, look, notice, monitor
las vigilancia noun
surveillance, vigilance, oversight, alertness, watchfulness
vigilar verb
guard, watch over, keep an eye on, look, follow
la guardia noun
guard, constable, custodian, inspector, upkeep
contemplar verb
contemplate, look at, view, gaze at
tener cuidado verb
be careful, take care, beware, care, watch out
esperar verb
wait, expect, wait for, hope, await, wait around
las vela noun
candle, sail, wake
prestar atención verb
pay attention, listen, take notice, draw the attention
guardar verb
save, keep, guard, hold, observe
espiar verb
spy, spy on, keep watch on
acechar verb
lie in wait, waylay, ambush, spy, look
la vigilia noun
proteger verb
protect, safeguard, secure, shield, guard
atisbar verb
spy on, peep at
las vigía noun
look-out, watchtower
aguardar verb
wait, await, expect, look
centinela noun
sentinel, sentry, guard, vedette
la ronda noun
round, patrol, prowl
ser cuidadoso verb
tener ojo verb
look, look out, watch out
las velada noun
soiree, cocktail party
la investigación noun
research, investigation, inquiry, going
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