How to say total in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for total? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for total
total noun
overall, whole, sum, tally, entire, aggregate, summation, absolute, throwput
totalizar verb
totalize, aggregate
sumar verb
add, add up, add up to, sum up, amount
la cantidad noun
amount, quantity, lot, deal, sum
la suma noun
sum, amount, addition, summation
completo adjective
full, complete, entire, finished, thorough
entero adjective
whole, entire, complete, integral, intact
el resultado noun
result, outcome, effect, consequence, sequence
totalizado adjective
ascendido adjective
ascender verb
ascend, rise, amount, promote, advance
integrar verb
desguazado adjective
desguazar verb
scrap, break up
destrozado adjective
torn apart, wasted, shot, broken-down, bust
destrozar verb
shatter, break, tear apart, trash, ravage
dejar hecho chatarra verb
unir verb
join, unite, link, attach, connect, merge
lleno adjective
filled, full, packed, abundant
unido adjective
united, joined, attached, connected, joint, adjoined
las unión noun
union, junction, joint, marriage, joining
hecho adjective
complete, taken, mature, ready-made, ready-to-wear, made-up
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