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How to say think in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for think? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for think
pensar verb
reflect, ponder, contemplate, think out, guess
imaginar verb
imagine, figure, guess, think up, suspect
creer verb
believe, trust, suppose, hope, expect
reflexionar verb
reflect, ponder, consider, meditate, debate
considerar verb
consider, regard, account, look at, take into account
el pensamiento noun
thought, thinking, pansy, reflection, judgment
recordar verb
remember, recall, remind, recollect, look back on, retrace
meditar verb
meditate, ponder, reflect, muse, think over
la idea noun
idea, thought, concept, conception, belief
opinar verb
say, opine, judge, express one's view, give one's view
imaginarse verb
imagine, picture, figure, see, fancy
parecer verb
seem, appear, look like, look, sound, resemble
idear verb
devise, contrive, invent, think up, dream up
decir verb
say, tell, speak, mention, call, word
razonar verb
reason, argue, think over
entender verb
understand, grasp, realize, comprehend, get
pensar bien verb
discurrir verb
tener en cuenta verb
take into account, bear in mind, allow for, heed, count
esperar verb
wait, expect, wait for, hope, await, wait around
tener ideas verb
la importancia noun
importance, value, magnitude
no olvidar verb
contar con verb
count on, expect, rely on, bank on, reckon on, bargain on
el supuesto noun
la esperanza noun
hope, expectation, promise, prospect, confidence
poner en cuenta verb
estimar conveniente verb
tener esperanza verb
la imagen noun
image, picture, visualization
convenirse verb
figurarse verb
figure, imagine, fancy, suppose, expect
figurar verb
figure, rank, think up
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