How to say tender in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for tender? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for tender
la oferta noun
offer, bid, proposal, proposition, proffer
tierno adjective
gentle, kind, affectionate, kindly, early
blando adjective
soft, limp, mild, smooth, gentle
sensible adjective
sensitive, noticeable, sentient, feeling, perceptible
la moneda noun
currency, coin, money, coinage, piece
la propuesta noun
proposal, approach, overture, proffer
la proposición noun
proposition, motion, resolution, overture
los ténder noun
la embarcación auxiliar noun
afectuoso adjective
affectionate, warm, fond, cordial
amoroso adjective
loving, amorous, affectionate, amatory, loverlike
compasivo adjective
compassionate, merciful, sympathetic, understanding, tenderhearted
el proyecto noun
project, plan, scheme, venture, schema
la gabarra noun
barge, lighter
ofertar verb
put in a tender, make a tender
dolorido adjective
sore, aching, painful, pained, plaintive
presentar verb
present, submit, introduce, show, display, exhibit
enternecer verb
soften, touch, tenderize, affect
ofrecer verb
offer, give, present, feature, offer up
hacer una oferta verb
make a tender, put in a tender
escrupuloso adjective
scrupulous, delicate, queasy, qualmish, compunctious
proponer verb
propose, put forward, come up with, advance, propound
el adversario noun
adversary, opponent, antagonist, oppositionist
la tarea suelta noun
undertaking, stint
dar de verb
bestow, back on to, tell off, touch, fleer
pensar verb
think, reflect, ponder, contemplate, think out, guess
proponerse verb
propose, set out, purpose
espinoso adjective
thorny, prickly, spiny, difficult, knotty
mostrar verb
show, display, exhibit, present, indicate, manifest
la perspectiva noun
perspective, prospect, outlook, view, proposition, look-out
el propósito noun
purpose, aim, intention, intent, end, object
difícil adjective
difficult, hard, tough, tricky, awkward, complicated
brindar verb
offer, present, throw up
el problema noun
problem, issue, trouble, hassle, worry
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