How to say roll in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for roll? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for roll
rodar verb
film, wheel, trundle, roll along, roll about
el rollo noun
reel, coil, spiel, twist, jazz
enrollar verb
wind, coil, twine
el rol noun
la lista noun
list, table, roster, schedule, register
el panecillo noun
dinner roll
el redoble noun
beat, rumble
el fajo noun
wad, bundle, sheaf
el bolillo noun
bread roll
laminar verb
liar verb
bundle, tie, bind, tie up, truss
el bamboleo noun
retumbar verb
rumble, boom, resound, roar, reverberate
la pieza noun
piece, part, room
mover verb
move, shift, shake, stir, wag, budge
hacer rodar verb
wheel, bowl, trundle
el rodete noun
el retumbo noun
boom, rumble, reverberation
ondular verb
wave, undulate, ripple, curl, corrugate
bambolearse verb
totter, falter, dangle
apisonar verb
tamp, ram, tamp down, tamp in
allanar verb
smooth, level, iron out, flatten, smooth over
empujar verb
push, drive, shove, urge, thrust, press
aplanar verb
flatten, planish
el escalafón noun
scale, promotion ladder, salary scale, promotion list, list of officials
revolcarse a verb
pronunciar con énfasis verb
vibrar en verb
poner en blanco verb
funcionar verb
work, function, run, operate, perform, act
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