How to say prick in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for prick? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for prick
el pinchazo noun
jab, flat tire, flat, poke, stab
pinchar verb
puncture, tap, prod, nick, prickle
la polla noun
cock, dick, pullet, chick, dong
picar verb
chop, sting, itch, nibble, bite
la verga noun
cock, yard, spar
la pija noun
los pito noun
whistle, beep, pipe, gasper
la picadura noun
bite, sting, pock, peck
los aguijonazo noun
el palo noun
stick, club, pole, wood, staff, spar
el nabo noun
turnip, cock
el carajo noun
dick, cock, dong
punzar verb
sting, prod
el alfilerazo noun
agujerear verb
pierce, hole, make a hole in, vent
el trabuco noun
la espolada noun
prick with a spur
la espita noun
spigot, tap, faucet, cock, drunkard
echarse a perder verb
spoil, perish, become tainted, go down the drain, hurt
causar comezón verb
remorder verb
trasplantar verb
transplant, plant out, prick out
levantar verb
lift, raise, pick up, build, get up, lift up
aguijar verb
reventarse verb
break, leak
espolear verb
spur, spur on, stir up
erguirse verb
straighten, straighten up, sit up straight, draw up, swell with pride
hormiguear verb
swarm, prickle, itch
la estacada noun
lurch, stockade, palisade, fence, paling
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