How to say mean in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for mean? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for mean
la media noun
average, medium, stocking, sock
significar verb
signify, spell, imply, stand for, amount
medio adjective
half, means, average, medium, middle, mid
el promedio noun
suponer verb
suppose, involve, guess, presume, expect, entail
querer decir verb
entender verb
understand, grasp, realize, comprehend, get, believe
mezquino adjective
petty, shabby, paltry, miserable, cheap
ruin adjective
dastardly, villainous
tacaño adjective
stingy, miserly, niggardly, tight, close
vil adjective
vile, despicable, foul, low, nefarious
el término medio noun
pretender verb
pretend, aim, purport, profess
humilde adjective
humble, poor, low, small, lower
malicioso adjective
malicious, mischievous, catty, wicked, sly
formidable adjective
formidable, tremendous, redoubtable, forbidding, bully
tener intención verb
intend, have in mind
canallesco adjective
scummy, caddish
agarrado adjective
tight-fisted, taken, mean-spirited
amarrado adjective
cutre adjective
destinar verb
destine, post
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