How to say live in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for live? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for live
vivir verb
live on, reside, live up, live through, exist
vivo adjective
alive, living, vivid, bright, lively
en vivo adverb
en directo adverb
llevar verb
carry, take, bring, lead, wear, bear
residir verb
reside, sojourn, exist, live on, hang out
de vida adverb
tener verb
have, keep, own, bear, hold, possess
morar verb
dwell, abide, sojourn
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, get, go by
con vida adverb
residir en verb
live in, reside, inhabit
andar verb
walk, go, go around, go about, hang around, carry
tolerar verb
tolerate, stand, endure, countenance, abide, permit
dinámico adjective
dynamic, dynamical, dynamo
con corriente adjective
poseer verb
possess, have, own
en pie adjective
viajar verb
travel, go, ride, drive, journey, tour
candente adjective
glowing, sizzling, blistering, red-hot
dormir verb
sleep, slumber, doze, kip, doss
querer verb
want, love, wish, will, like, cherish
lleno de vida adjective
lively, peppy, vital, brisk
rezar verb
estar disponible verb
con actualidad adverb
no apático adjective
de conexión adjective
en moda adjective
de moda adjective
fashionable, trendy, popular, nobby
con rapidez adjective
encendido adjective
on, glowing, fired, aglow, afire
de alegría adjective
con candencia adjective
con bala adjective
de actualidad adjective
que tiene fines adjective
ir a toda velocidad verb
nip, go, go it
volverse de verb
grow, get over
obrar enérgicamente verb
go, go it
romperse verb
break, break up, fall apart, come apart
ir con verb
go with, go along with, use, let, progress
hundirse verb
sink, plunge, go down, sag, go under, slump
contemporáneo adjective
contemporary, contemporaneous
preferido adjective
favorite, chosen, favourite
hacerse verb
become, get, go, form, grow into
caer verb
fall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out
funcionar verb
work, function, run, operate, perform, act
marchar verb
march, go, walk, move, go away, travel
tomar verb
take, have, drink, catch, take up, take on
haber verb
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
sostener verb
hold, sustain, support, maintain, uphold, hold up
permitir verb
allow, enable, permit, let, give, empower
recibir verb
receive, get, welcome, take in, bow in
ponerse verb
wear, put on, become, up, turn, don
deseado de alcanzar algo adjective
rápido adjective
fast, quick, rapid, swift, prompt, speedy
que siempre está en acción adjective
moderno adjective
modern, hip, up-to-date, up-to-now, latter-day
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