How to say like in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for like? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for like
gustar verb
taste, love, please, appeal, appeal to
como preposition
as, by way of, qua
igual adjective
equal, same, alike, even, uniform
parecido adjective
similar, alike, equal, such, lifelike
los semejante noun
such, similar, alike, analogous, approaching
mismo adjective
same, very, one, selfsame, precise
propio preposition
idéntico adjective
identical, same, identic, selfsame, self
querer verb
want, love, wish, will, cherish
pensar verb
think, reflect, ponder, contemplate, think out, guess
tratar verb
treat, process, try on, attend, behave towards
gustarse verb
caer verb
fall, drop, fall down, fall off, fall out
par adjective
even, equal
caerse verb
fall, drop, fall over, fall down, topple, tumble
soñar verb
ser aficionado verb
rendirse verb
surrender, give up, give in, submit, capitulate
probar verb
try, test, prove, taste, try out, sample
no distinto adjective
poner a prueba verb
test, try, try out, prove, put through his paces
no diverso adjective
no diferente adjective
de mismo modo conjunction
tener cariño verb
hold dear
amainarse verb
subside, abate, die down, ease off, ease up
estar en declive verb
fall, shelve, fall away
descender verb
descend, fall, go down, sink, fall away
disminuir verb
decrease, reduce, diminish, lower, decline, fall
como algo adverb
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me, myself
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