How to say join in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for join? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for join
unirse verb
unite, come together, join together, merge, band together
la unión noun
union, junction, joint, marriage, joining
unir verb
unite, link, attach, connect, merge
participar verb
participate, take part, partake, join in, intervene
ensamblar verb
assemble, put together, join up
afiliarse a verb
affiliate to, accede
reunirse verb
gather, get together, come together, reunite, gather together
entrar en verb
go into, pierce, tackle
ingresar en verb
enter, get into, tackle
aunar verb
juntar verb
put together, collect, piece together, pool, unite
juntarse verb
come together, gather, gather together, unite, coalesce
acompañar verb
accompany, escort, attach, go along with, partner
alistarse verb
enlist, enroll, sign up, join up, enter
hacerse miembro verb
get into
tomar parte verb
take part, partake, join in, intervene, come in
empalmar verb
splice, link up, scarf, accrete
acoplar verb
couple, engage, dock, mate, link
hacerse socio verb
la juntura noun
joint, seam, junction, joining
hacerse miembro de verb
get into
confluir verb
empatar verb
tie, draw
los juntado noun
arrimarse verb
come close
la costura noun
sewing, seam, needlework, dressmaking
poner juntos verb
put together, lump together, join up, throw together
empeñar verb
pawn, pledge, engage, hock, engage in, throw
enchufar verb
plug, plug in, connect, merge
desembocar verb
lead, fall into, disembogue
enclavijar verb
peg, pin, take down
hacerse participante verb
eslabonar verb
link, link up, link together, connect
tomar un puesto en verb
llegar a formar parte de verb
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