How to say fail in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for fail? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for fail
fallar verb
miss, misfire, backfire, let down, make a hash of it
fracasar verb
break down, founder, fall through, go awry, come unstuck
la falta noun
lack, foul, absence, need, fault
quebrar verb
break, crack, bust, smash, go bust, tear
faltar verb
lack, fall short, default, go back on, let down
suspender verb
suspend, stay, stop, discontinue, call off
el suspenso noun
averiarse verb
break down, go wrong, give up, pack up
decaer verb
decay, decline, fall off, fall away, go down
desfallecer verb
falter, weaken
debilitarse verb
weaken, become weak, decline, break, soften
perderse verb
be lost, lose oneself, stray, waste, fade away, fade out
malograrse verb
go wrong
no aprobar verb
decepcionar verb
disappoint, let down
naufragar verb
sink, be wrecked
estropearse verb
break down, break, spoil, get damaged, go bad
frustrarse verb
interrumpirse verb
halt, pause, break off, cut out
ser suspendido verb
irse verb
go, leave, depart, walk, go for, escape
no tener éxito verb
acabarse verb
run out, finish, terminate, peter out
encallar verb
run aground, ground, strand, jam, strike
no surtir efecto verb
cortarse verb
cut, cut out, saw, nick oneself
salir mal en verb
tener una avería verb
hacerse más débil verb
dallar verb
hacer interrumpido verb
irse de éxito verb
tear down, draw
hacer quebrado verb
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