How to say even in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for even? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for even
incluso adverb
igualar verb
match, equalize, equate, level, balance
aún adverb
yet, still
hasta adverb
up, through
nivelar verb
level, iron out
emparejar verb
match, pair, match up, twin
uniforme adjective
uniformed, regular, level, true
par adjective
equal, like
igual adjective
equal, same, like, alike, uniform
constante adjective
constant, continual, regular, steadfast, uniform, incessant
nivelado adjective
level, flush
liso adjective
smooth, flat
ecuánime adjective
equable, level, unruffled, relaxed, equanimitory
llano adjective
flat, smooth, shallow, simple, easy
a nivel adjective
level, flush, true
equitativo adjective
equitable, fair, equal, right
apacible adjective
gentle, mild, placid, mild-mannered
imperturbable adjective
imperturbable, unflappable, impassive, cool-headed
allanar verb
smooth, level, iron out, flatten, smooth over
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Similar Words
nay particle, noun, adverb
no, más aún, mejor dicho, voto en contra, más bien
yea particle, adverb
, ciertamente, además, sin duda
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