How to say escape in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for escape? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for escape
escapar verb
get away, flee, run away, break away, get off
el escape noun
exhaust, leak, leakage, escapement, getaway
la fuga noun
leakage, leak, fugue, elopement, jailbreak
escaparse verb
get away, leak, run away, get out, flee
la huida noun
flight, break, desertion, bolt, scurry
huir verb
run away, run, fly, avoid, run off
la escapada noun
escapade, breakaway, flight, flying visit
la evasión noun
evasion, flight, escapism, dodge, prison-breaking
la escapatoria noun
loophole, getaway, flight, secret trip, quirk
evitar verb
avoid, prevent, avert, bypass, save
evadirse verb
get away, break out, abscond, run away, break away
fugarse verb
leak, abscond, break
evadir verb
evade, avoid, dodge, get away, pass
irse verb
go, leave, depart, walk, go for
burlar verb
outwit, outsmart, spoof, taunt, outflank
la traspuesta noun
transposition, switching, backyard, rise
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