How to say cut in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for cut? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for cut
cortar verb
cut off, cut out, chop, slice, sever
cortado adjective
disengaged, clipped, sour, crannied
reducir verb
reduce, lower, decrease, narrow, cut down
la cortada noun
cortarse verb
cut out, saw, nick oneself
recortar verb
trim, cut back, cut out, clip, trim down
la cortadura noun
recortado adjective
la tajada noun
chop, slice, round
el golpe noun
blow, coup, hit, stroke, strike, knock
bajar verb
lower, get off, go down, descend, drop, come down
rebajar verb
lower, reduce, bring down, lessen, discount
tallar verb
shape, incise
talar verb
cut down, fell, chop
grabar verb
record, engrave, impress, imprint, print
partir verb
depart, go, split, break, start off
hacer verb
do, make, ask, be, cause, render
segar verb
reap, mow, harvest, mow down, crop
dividir verb
divide, partition, break up, separate, share, carve
parar verb
stop, halt, end, end up, parry, cease
cortar de nuevo verb
hacer cortar verb
negar verb
deny, refuse, negate, disclaim, negative, abnegate
alzar verb
raise, lift, lift up, hoist, hold up, raise up
alzar en los naipes verb
la pelea noun
fight, fighting, quarrel, battle, scuffle, tussle
cesado adjective
finished, closed, landed, lost, up
trinchar verb
talar de un árbol verb
practicar verb
practice, practise
no hacer caso a verb
ausentarse verb
absent, stay away, absent oneself, break, truant
poseer verb
possess, have, own
tomar muy cerrado verb
cruzar verb
cross, walk across, traverse, go across, intersect
la lucha noun
fight, struggle, fighting, battle, wrestling, strife
asistir verb
attend, assist, witness, nurse, treat
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