How to say back in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for back? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for back
atrás adverb
behind, after, aback
la espalda noun
respaldar verb
support, back up, underwrite, protect
de nuevo adverb
again, anew, afresh
de vuelta adjective
la parte posterior noun
apoyar verb
support, sustain, rest, uphold, back up
detrás adverb
behind, after, aback
retroceder verb
go back, move back, back up, turn back, fall back
trasero adjective
rear, rearward, hind, posterior, rearmost
el respaldo noun
backrest, backboard
el fondo noun
background, bottom, fund, depth, deep
el dorso noun
el reverso noun
el lomo noun
loin, spine, backbone
el revés noun
reverse, setback, backhand, backstroke, backhand stroke
de retroceso adjective
atrasado adjective
late, backward, overdue, slow, belated
la zaga noun
el envés noun
underside, wrong side
cambiar verb
change, switch, shift, exchange, alter, turn
recular verb
recoil, kick, kick back, blench, crawfish
dar marcha atrás verb
reverse, back off
montar verb
mount, ride, assemble, set, set up, put on
defender verb
defend, uphold, advocate, stand up for, guard
girar verb
turn, rotate, spin, revolve, twist
del interior adjective
inland, midland
avalar verb
endorse, indorse
el canto noun
singing, song, edge, chant, canto, hymn
el extradós noun
torcer verb
twist, turn, distort, change, inflect, sprain
endosar verb
endorse, indorse
mudar verb
move, change, shed, slough, molt, moult
dar marcha atrás a verb
back up
moverse atrás verb
hacer marcha atrás con verb
despaldar verb
enlomar verb
el forzal noun
velar adjective
favorecer verb
favor, stimulate, advantage, flatter, patronize, subserve
transformar verb
transform, turn, change, convert, process, turn around
el foro noun
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