How to say turn about in Spanish

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for turn about
volverse verb
become, turn, go, get, turn around
volver verb
return, go back, come back, get back, turn
girar verb
turn, rotate, spin, revolve, twist
cambiar verb
change, switch, shift, exchange, alter, turn
virar verb
tack, veer, turn around, go about, put about
hacer girar verb
rotate, turn, pivot, revolve, whirl
dar una vuelta completa verb
turn around
revolver verb
stir, turn, mix, turn around
ponerse verb
wear, put on, become, up, turn
convertir verb
convert, turn, transform, proselytize, turn around
cambiarse verb
change, alter, turn around
repuntar verb
turn, turn around
atornillar verb
girar sobre los talones verb
turn, turn around, turn round
volver al revés verb
turn, reverse, turn around, invert
devolver a verb
turn, turn around, throw up
dirigir a verb
turn, aim at, set, turn around
desviar a verb
sidetrack, reroute
doblar por verb
turn around
destornillar verb
unscrew, turn, screw off, turn around
mudar verb
move, change, shed, slough, molt, moult
trastornar verb
unsettle, turn, shake, derange, disorder
transformar verb
transform, turn, change, convert, process
agriar verb
sour, turn, turn around
volver agrio verb
turn, turn around, tie up, send
tornear verb
turn around
ir hasta verb
tail away, turn, tail off, turn around, toddle
marchar verb
march, go, walk, move, go away
pasar verb
pass, go, move, happen, get, go by
cambiar completamente verb
turn around
dar vueltas por verb
brood over, twiddle, brood on, toy
agriarse verb
sour, turn sour, turn, turn around
dorarse verb
brown, turn, turn around
descolorarse verb
fade, discolor, discolour, turn, turn around
hacerse verb
become, get, go, form, grow into
torcer verb
twist, turn, distort, change, inflect
transformarse verb
turn, turn around, throw
convertirse verb
turn, convert, adapt
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