How to say attends in Russian

What's the Russian word for attends? Here's a list of translations.

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More Russian words for attend
присутствовать verb
prisutstvovat' be present, assist, sit in, stand by
посещать verb
poseshchat' visit, pay a visit to, resort, make a visit to, get round
ходить verb
khodit' walk, go, run, play, lead
следить verb
sledit' follow, track, watch, trace, look
заниматься verb
zanimat'sya do, engage, engage in, be engaged in, practice
обслуживать verb
obsluzhivat' service, serve, maintain, cater for, tend
заботиться verb
zabotit'sya care, concern, look after, fend, tend
сопровождать verb
soprovozhdat' accompany, escort, companion, follow, take
уделять внимание verb
udelyat' vnimaniye give one's attention to
ухаживать verb
ukhazhivat' care, look after, court, tend, nurse
прислуживать verb
prisluzhivat' wait, wait on, wait upon, minister, lacquey
сопутствовать verb
soputstvovat' accompany, wait
быть внимательным verb
byt' vnimatel'nym be careful, look
озабочиваться verb
ozabochivat'sya attend
выполнять verb
vypolnyat' perform, carry out, fulfill, execute, do
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