How to say send in Portuguese

What's the Portuguese word for send? Here's a list of translations.

Portuguese Translation
More Portuguese words for send
enviar verb
forward, mail, dispatch, refer, send off
mandar verb
have, order, tell, boss, enjoin
emitir verb
issue, emit, transmit, give out, beam
transmitir verb
transmit, convey, communicate, impart, pass on
remeter verb
refer, remit, forward, mail, deliver
lançar verb
launch, throw, cast, lay, pitch
expedir verb
issue, forward, dispatch, expedite, despatch
despachar verb
dispatch, expedite, despatch, forward, send off
difundir verb
disseminate, diffuse, broadcast, propagate, publish
propagar verb
propagate, disseminate, diffuse, promulgate, transmit
espalhar verb
spread, scatter, spill, distribute, disseminate
forçar verb
force, push, enforce, compel, coerce
compelir verb
compel, force, coerce, constrain, enforce
balançar verb
swing, rock, balance, sway, shake
proferir verb
utter, deliver, say, pronounce
consignar verb
consign, commit, address, devote, dispatch
ocorrer verb
occur, happen, come, recur, pass
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See Also in English
send again
envie novamente
send away
mandar embora
send mail
enviar correio
send back
send for
enviar para
send up
enviar para cima
send to
enviar para
send off verb
enviar, despachar
send out
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