How to say sad in Latin

What's the Latin word for sad? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for sad
tristis adjective
gloomy, bitter, somber, mournful, moody
maestus adjective
mournful, eerie, gloomy, sorrowing, melancholy
pullus adjective
blackish, dark-coloured, dark-colored, dusky, gloomy
proiectus adjective
prostrate, abject, jutting out, prone, protrusive
projectus adjective
projecting, jutting out, prosilient, protrusive, conspicuous
indelectatus adjective
cheerless, discontent, annoyed
tragicus adjective
tragic, tragical, terrible, dreadful, horrible
luctuosus adjective
mournful, lamentable, sorrowful, deplorable, grievous
luctificus adjective
sorrowful, afflicted, afflictive, deplorable, doleful
maesus adjective
melancholy, gloomy woeful, distressing
lamentarius adjective
regrettable, lamenting, lamentable, deplorable, epicedian
lamentabilis adjective
lamentable, tacky, pitiable, wretched, woeful
miserabilis adjective
heartbreaking, miserable, pitiable, wretched, pitiful
miserandus adjective
wretched, miserable, pitiful, pitiable, piteous
misellus adjective
wretched, miserable, unhappy, hapless, pitiful
miser adjective
miserable, wretched, unhappy, unfortunate, hapless
luctificabilis adjective
monodic, afflicted, afflictive, deplorable, doleful
nubilis adjective
cloudy, marriageable, melancholy, gloomy, louring
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See Also in English
I feel sad
i contristari
very sad adjective
tristissimus, pertristis
sad and lonely
sola et tristis
sad story
tristis historia
look sad
respice tristis
sad news
tristem nuntium
sad face
facies tristis
sad song
tristis canticum
feel sad
be sad verb
non tristi, taedior, taedeor, moereo, tristor
Similar Words
disheartened adjective
mire deiectus,, deiectus, dejectus, abiectus, abjectus
despondent adjective
videri solent, demissus, maestus
dispirited adjective
iacere animos, piger, deiectus, dejectus
cheerless adjective
illaetabilis, exilis, indelectatus, maestus, inamoenus
dejected adjective
maesta, tristis, demissus
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