How to say enmesh in Latin

What's the Latin word for enmesh? Here's a list of translations.

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Similar Words
catch up verb
adsequi, persequor, excipio
incriminate verb
criminandum inducta, increpito, accuso
implicate adjective, verb
amplissimos, implicatus, conecto, rapio, inplicatus
entangle verb
iniiciunt laqueos, inplico, implico, inpedio, impedio
involve verb
involvere, ammisceo, involvo, rapio, coicio
ensnare verb
captarent, illicio, inlaqueo, illaqueo, inlicio
embroil verb
monstro permisceat, conmitto, committo, inpedio, impedio
trammel verb
trammel, prohibeo, incapistro, refraeno, refreno
entrap verb
insidiator ori, CIRCUMSCRIBO, capto
snarl verb
mordicus arripere, obgannio, oggannio, gannio, ringor
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